Gaule's Moldie Oldie's Is Back...

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Gaule's Moldie Oldie's Is Back...

Gerald Gaule is once again producing Gaule's Moldie Oldies show, a mix of 50's, 60's and 70's Rock'n Roll.

The show has been out of production for several years.  I have been running archived shows ever since.

When I let Gerald know his old shows are running on my LPFM station and receives comments from listeners regarding how much they enjoy the shows, he decided to do it again.

Two shows will be produced on Fridays, available from Podomatic after 1pm Pacific time.

Here is the Podomatic link:  Gaule's Moldie Oldies show

Does Gerald have a "Contact"

Does Gerald have a "Contact" method, other than Facebook???

E-Mail, perhaps??!

"Moldie Oldies" is PERFECT for my station ("3A Oldies 91.9")!!!

Many thanks for providing the link info!! I use Podmatic for a couple of other shows I run on Sunday mornings -- mostly news and public affairs programs.....

Contact Gerald Gaule...

Gerald's email is:

by MRAM 1500 

Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

Chairman - ALPB


This is the first I have heard of Podomatic.  Is there a way to pull this show live into my Zara playlist?  Also, how is licensing handled?

Jim Henry HBR Radio 1610, serving Honey Brook, PA. and NW Chester County.

Really good

Wouldn't mind downloading some of this to my playlist.


from Gerald

It is back, thankfully they are recorded live at Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters(remote)Sundays, I have been doing my remote from there for a year, before guests and after I do Gaule's Moldie Oldies, I operate a audience specific(for the blind,disabled service)audio 7/24/365 radio network,ASRN I am the only full time audio network in washington state since the evergreen RRS left.

Both shows, roast and radio show and the oldies show is live(and recorded)I got my days mixed up(sorry)old routine, where I did my remote from paper tiger coffee shop, switched days, used to saying fridays, switched to sundays(sorry bob)to get more guests(community oriented,non political)so the show is done sundays where I do one at 8-9,10-11,12-1 versions, here is the scoop..

I go live on ASRN Radio(radio/audio reading service)I do get indpendant help with paying the bills for ASRN,tho I am not a non profit, but working on it,but legally I can run sponsored mentions  as if written as a underwriter, one LPFM here is applying for a non profit but they have underwriters..

The bills are from power,internet you name it, but you do not have to be a non profit to be a audio service for the blind and disabled, I have learned this by being a volunteer programmer for golden hours radio under the OCFB, since they were specific targeted broadcasting for a specific audience, with oldies programming that was on 3 of their streams, I was part of a non profit world for years, I do have one sponsor running the mentions in the language per fcc rules for underwriting vs a commercial(such as calling to action)..


is the stream link and ASRN programming is in block format, programming has from book readings and magazine readings and other programming from other services, then OTR over nights..

So again the bills are covered from power,internet,streaming and more,and oddly enough when at the OCFB and golden hours being target specific,they did not pay BMI, and they have underwriters, but I do have help paying for the BMI though costly,I was not personally impressed with streamlicinsing since marvin went away and sold it, Live 365 I may go back, but will look into it more..

But I guess it is up to the stations to play it or not, and it is DCMA again I record live the oldies show while on remote, then edit and release shortly, again Bob my fault for saying fridays, not sundays(bad habit)..


email is



Thanks, mram1500!! Much

Thanks, mram1500!! Much appreciated!

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