Florida and Music Royalties Before 1972

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Florida and Music Royalties Before 1972
Worth noting...

This ONLY applies in Florida.  And ONLY applies to the recorded performance, and NOT the song itself (words and lyrics).

So as we hope this meant that stations in Florida would not have to pay royalties for broadcasting pre-1972 songs, this is wrong. Over the air radio ONLY pays for the rights for the song itself, NEVER for the recorded performance. So you will still need to pay for broadcasting pre- 1972 songs.  This would ONLY apply to the rights paid for the recording of the song, e.g. the artists/performers, for which royalties are paid if you're streaming, or are satellite radio or other music subscription services. 

So technically this might mean that a station in Florida would not have to pay streaming royalties to performers. (SoundExchange). But they would still have to pay ASCAP, BMI, SESAC for both their over the air and streaming rights to the songs themselves. 

And I wonder then how that woujld work. The law applies in Florida.  So that may only apply to streams listened to within Florida.  They may still have to pay these royalties for listener hours heard in other states.

Ah, yes, the complex world of copyright gets more complicated!


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