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Art Bell Update

Many have fond memories of the original host of Coast-to-Coast-AM, personality Art Bell, who continued for awhile on SiriusXM the satellite radio station.

Based on a tip from Hobby Broadcaster we have learned of Art Bell's plans to return to hosting on Keith Rowland's "Dark Matter Network," streaming on the internet starting July, 2015 at the expiration of his Non-Compete Clause with SiriusXM.

Podcasts of his new shows may be available, but there are obstacles in the way of the overall plans because of music copyrights and royalties, something of interest also to us here at part15(dot)us.

Read these two articles: "The Numbers On Playing Commercial Music on the Internet" by Keith Rowland, and "Sad News for Art Bell's Return to Internet Streaming" by Art Bell.

Obvious Answer

The answer is SO obvious. Just don't use commercial music for bumper music.  There. Problem solved.  There are lots of buy out production music libraries available for a hundred bucks and up that grant unlimited rights at no licensing or copyright fees once the music is purchased.  Most radio stations own many  of these libraries.  I own about a 10 of these library sets dating back to the 60's. Some have restrictions, subscriber fees, and other costs, many are simply "buy outs".  Buy a set, use 'em. Radio uses these for commercial production, show themes, etc. Then, while using these, explain all the music BS on the show and open it up to listeners to write, record and send in their OWN bumper music for the show. Maybe offer a prize.  Tunes submitted become the property of the Art Bell Show.  This creates a promotion, provides content, generates listener interest and turns the whole situation to the shows advantage. Obvioulsy contestants will have to sign an "all original content" waiver, and a release to the show, etc.  Details for this sort of thing are readily available.

Same reason so many magazines and organizations have photo contests.  They get rights to a ton of content at basically no cost.

Tim in Bovey

All fine and good, but the

All fine and good, but the reason Art Bell isn't moving forward with his show, at least right now, is that he wants to use his original music - he feels it is an integral part of the ambience of that show.  Similar isn't good enough.

This is reason the music industry (not the individual artists, most of whom see little of the money) is shooting themselves in the foot (or head).  Rights are far too complicated and too all encompassing and far too expensive.  I remember when WKRP came out on DVD - they had to replace the original music to make it cost-effective!  I recall the explanation being that the music was licensed for the technology of the day (film and tape), but not for DVD.  I also recall the mad scramble on e-bay and elsewhere to gather up what few VHS copies there were lying around (and also creating a lucrative pirate business of people selling DVD's of over-the-air recorded shows).  Rediculous.

Well then...

If using commercial "hits" as bumper music is necessary for the show, then the show must not be able to stand on itself.  It would be one thing if he was doing a music show. He's not. He's not using any "original" music, or he wouldn't need to license it.  He's relying on others work, and if it's that integral he's got to pay, no matter how screwed up the system is.

I agree music rights are completely screwed up, but that's been discussed to death in other threads and doesn't need to be gone through again here.

WKRP, BTW has this past quarter, been finally released intact, all seasons, with original music.  I bought the DVD set. Quite pleased with it :)  People don't realize it's a documentary LOL.

Tim in Bovey

I can understand the tie in

I can understand the tie in between the show music and it's content. Doesn't have a thing to do with the show standing on its own. He's just saying that he can't afford to license the music at current ridiculous streaming rates. Maybe if more just stopped, things would change. Or, he could do the show out of Canada, where the situation is more reasonable.

Library Music

Like Tim, I have several custom music libraries used during my commercial recording years, but the problem I found is that for every useful theme there are 20 poor selections that never get used.

Another problem is that other producers have these same libraries and they pick the same good cuts for their productions.

One area that hasn't yet been discussed regarding copyright music records is the massive trove of recordings out of print.

I am lucky to have scooped up a ton of great music over the years that no one else has, no one can buy or find, yet I can't use it now because the copyrights are in force. That really makes no sense.

Carl Blare

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