APB for Blare On Air!

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APB for Blare On Air!

I must have missed something somewhere. 

I have lots of driving to do in the not too distant future.

I just went to KDX World Round Radio with the hopes of downloading a heap of Blare On Air programs to listen to while traveling. 

I love these shows, but rarely have time to listed except when on the road.

They are missing from the website!  Are they gone forever?  Has KDX World Round radio been raided by corporate broadcasters who finally came to their senses and swiped all his shows for their own use?  Tell me it isn't so!

I was just telling a friend what a fanbulous idea it would be to put all Carl's programs in a computer, take over some unattended corporate jukebox station on a weekend and broadcast Blare on Air 24-7 with 100,000 watts of power behind it.

The world would never ben the same.


Good to Hear

Many thanks Tim for your pleasant report on our programs.

Here's a quick update.

Recently I moved away from a commercial web hosting service and installed a web hosting server on my home PC which is turned on during the daytime and off overnight.

There are so many hundreds of BOA (Blare OnAir) shows and I need to enter them into the new system.


Today...  yes this very day... I will start entering BoA shows for use by low power radio stations and other friends of radio.

All it takes is a little praise and I go to work.

By the way I have intended to collect your commercial morning shows, too, but I usually forget to download them. Got to paste a note on the wall.

Carl Blare

Quick Turnaround

By a coincidence today I was thinking about bringing back the daily Blare OnAir Lite and your message was the prompt that got it started with this opening show titled "Chick Peas".

Blare OnAir Lite Program No. 500

Carl Blare

More Action Taken

Tim in Bovey and Other Blare OnAir Followers---

The "Blare OnAir" button is now connected to a giant list of the Blare OnAir Catalog.

Next step will be to connect all the links.

Low Power Super Center

Carl Blare

Activity in the A.M.

It's exactly 5 AM EDT here in the midwaste and we've got it all turned on.

The second of the New Blare OnAir Lite shows is in the harddrive and reflects this very thread here at Part15_us.

Blare OnAir Lite No. 501


The KDX Website is closed after hours while we let the server room cool down.

Therefore links to KDX will not function at such time.

We try to start back up as early in the morning as possible so the Part 15 society can be about its day.

Carl Blare

The Archive is Open for Business

The Blare OnAir Program Archive is now online and the first 24 shows at the top of the list are linked.

More links are being opened throughout the week and each link will be tested.

Thanks again Tim for stimulating renewed interest in this radio series.

Hobby Radio Super Center

Carl Blare

Blare Archive Progress

In 2016 Blare OnAir was dormant until the end of July when MRAM Bob came up with the idea of doing shows from the ALPB's TeamSpeak Open Room where anyone could become part of a show. These shows have been active ever since and now I have all of 2016 linked and most 0f 2017, except there are some recent shows that need to be added.

Also a brand new Blare OnAir Lite series has just begun and is linked through the Super Center.

Tim, I hope you are getting these in time for your road trips.

Carl Blare

Tim's Travels

Ever since Tim in Bovey opened the question of where to find Blare OnAir programs for listening on the road we have been busy uploading and linking.

Tonight we happened to come upon what may be the central most best top of the mark episode ever done in the series, and we link it here for anyone so inclined.

Blare OnAir Mar 14 2012 titled "Disorganization"

Carl Blare

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