Any Other Show Producers?

it's about a month away from the three year anniversary of the Oompah Hour, and after uploading this week's show I got to thinking --

Out of the hundreds of members here isn't anyone else producing any shows to share?  I like to think that some of you are doing some programming on your stations that's not all computer generated? That's how the Oompah Hour got started -- I wanted a polka show for my own station and finding none suitable I decided to do my own. By offering it to the world for free it's on 23 stations now, Part 15's, LPFM's, a couple college FM's and a few regular full power commercial stations. 

Seems to me I used to spy a few programs being shared here, but not so much anymore. 

I realize that not every show concept will be met with universal appeal!  Look at the polka show!  No hard rock station is going to want to air it! LOL. Just like I won't air a classic rock program on my vintage country station, but it'd be nice to see stuff out here again.

So, I'd like to encourage ya'll to start producing and sharing programs!


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I read the posts here, and most every thing is related to distance or equipment. 

That is good, but locally produced programming, the thing most of us claim is our driving force for wanting to do this is not discussed as much (in my opinion).

I don't have any formal shows per say.  I do segments for my Friday Nite Folly's.  That is what I call the evening's programming I air that contains boot scootin', beer drinking music for Friday evenings entertainment.  They are usually 15mins long per segment, inserted into the mix every hour that the computer plays.  It helps liven things up and not be so mechanical.

I do something similar on Saturday Nites for the Old Time Rock & Roll Doowop show.  "BJ the Blowup DJ" comes in and blows the dust off the records, he doesn't talk, so I get to announce some of them from time to time.  He even got tire jacked a few weeks ago.  I had fun doing those segments, and the people that heard them enjoyed the laughs.

I have noticed my segments are getting longer and I have toyed with bringing them to hour length per segment. 

The flip side is that I already spend several hours down here on Saturday and Sunday updating things for the weekend and week ahead, plus the time I spend daily hacking out a dummy commercial from time to time.  I am not sure I could commit to a full length show on a regular basis.

I have written a book for a post as usual.  Lets see what others are doing.

BTW, thanks for making the Polka show available to us.  It airs weekly on Sunday nites here.  I switch to Easy listening Sunday at 6 pm.  The polka hour runs at 7.  I actually enjoy the variety. I haven't done any prerecorded or live segments for Sunday evening yet.


Working on getting our small town of <4000 local programming.

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The original intent of The ALPB was for members producing and sharing programming as well as helping with technical issues.  

Carl Blare of KDX Worldround Radio is by far our most active producer.  Carl makes available several different "Talk" style programs.  These programs feature talk, humor, music, and other topics all of which are available through his home hosted website.

As of late, Carl has been hosting an open talk show.  Using TeamSpeak, Carl invites participants to join in for a round table talk show format.  These shows are also made available through his website.

Lefty Gomez, founder of The ALPB, recently has returned to producing 1 hour Classic Rock shows which run on the LPFM I manage for our city.  Perhaps he will expand his offering to all.

The ALPB is still a small organization and for other members, myself included, it is difficult to balance work, family and hobby to find the time to produce shows.



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I stay off balance most of the time. 

But you are right MRAM, it is hard to balance my paying job/company I run/ and creating programming for the part 15. 

I have been here all day to day dealing with software updates for my company.  Current score, Quickbooks  1  Craig 1  I was losing 1-0, but I found a work around in my multiuser system..

Anyway, Carl does produce a lot of programming.  I need to check back in with him on Teamspeak one evening.  It is usually interesting.

That being said, my locale, prefers my classic country slant, they tolerate the old time rock and roll doowop / and I have a handful that likes the easy listening/dance standards I play Sunday nite with the Polka show mixed in.

With the amount of support I am seeing, I can see the radio side becoming larger. It is just a matter of getting it where more people can hear it easily.  I am asked every day about getting more transmit power.

More time, more money... and I would like a beer now..



Working on getting our small town of <4000 local programming.

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When I had my music license, I produced numerous shows (as well as working with others to produce shows specifically for my radio station).  I still have all of them archived, but I am concerned about the legalities of distributing them.

I am going to get back into the game to produce a public domain sourced (at least in Canada) vintage Jazz Show (currently unnamed).  Also a classical show (also currently unnamed) consisting of vintage classical performances.  Basically, all performances released 1964 or earlier in Canada are in the public domain.  Songs are slightly more complicated, as all creators have to have been dead for at least 50 years prior to 2016, so all songs whose creators died in 1965 or prior are in the public domain.

Unfortunately, most of the songs in the public domain in Canada are NOT in the public domain in the U.S., so I will likely archive the shows on my (Canadian) website.

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I don't know about Canada, but here if you produce a syndicated show, and you yourself do not distribute it to the public, you, specifically, do not need to license the music.  The stations that broadcast the shows must, of course be licensed. You yourself are not creating a public performance.

You have to make effort to not make the show available to the public -- most of the big time shows have secure FTP password protected distribution to stations.  Smaller shows just send out links to stations, etc.  Back in the "olden days" LP's were sent, or CD's, we even had some shows -- there was one called "Class Reunion" an oldies show, that came to the station on cassettes every week!  Of course they were provided with all the "do not copy, do not distribute, destroy after broadcast" notices on them.  

Now, if you're producing a show that you're airing yourself, you need to be licensed. I don't know the details in Canada -- but it is now known fact that in the USA Part 15 only needs a BMI license at this point. 


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In Canada, over-the-air with BETS-1 doesn't need to be licensed (according to the licensing agencies).  Streaming does.  Archiving and making the links available to the public does (it's a form of musical reprodution).

In the end, because I simulcast my over-the-air broadcasting with streaming, I decided to go the public domain route.

I also have absolutely no idea how distributing shows to other radio stations containing copyrighted material works here in Canada.

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At one time I had an entire oldies based network available to part 15, I had a handful of affiliates by 2012 but handed the network off when I moved. Seems like it lasted a few months on its own before it folded. At the same time I had produced a few of my own oldies programs that ended when I moved.

Now all my airtime is spent at the fullpower and I don't have much time left for my part 15, so its basically all voicetracks and other people's shows.

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Other than music shows, I air:

  • "Free Talk Live", a Libertarian based call-in talk show (every Thursday from 7 to 9 PM Eastern). 
  • "Totally Wrestling", a show covering the world of professional wrestling. 
  • "Friday Night Frenzy", which covers local high school sports. 
  • "Liberty's Voice W/ Matt Boland", a show reporting on weekly political news and views (currently on hiatus). 

As far as music shows go, every month I air "The Hit List", which is a monthly countdown of the most listened to songs on Radio Free Connecticut. 

I've pondered doing more shows for my station on 1650 AM, but I've been very busy lately, and unable to add any new features.  Hopefully, things will cool down soon, and I'll be able to do that.  So....what shows and ideas do other people have here?

Matt Boland

1650 AM, "Radio Free Connecticut"

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I hesitate to chime in on this because for at least a year my broadcast hasn't really had any structured format at all, not even automation.. It's just a long playlist with current content being added frequently.
It's primary all talk, all part15 friendly, even I don't know specifically which program might pop up next because it's always on random play, but all of them are programs I choose as my favorites of what is available..

But for what it's worth, this is my present programming:
Big Picture Science is a big favorite of mine, The Stuph Files, Radio Curious, Oh! I recently added Sea Change Radio which I enjoy. Let's see.. Alex Jones, Low Power Hour, Animal Radio, Midnight in the Desert, Radio Ecoshock.. perhaps a few others, but those are the primary ones.

For newscast are Buzz Burbank News and Comment, PNS Daily News, The Shortwave Report, Between the Lines, VOA, RBN, and CPR..

And then mixed in a numerous short format (under 3 minutes) programs like The Discovery Files, numerous PSAs, and recently added shorts; Loh Down on Science, Pulse of the planet, and Profile America.

Like I said, it's not very structured, but all is interesting. My objective at present is just to keep something always on air, and I prefer it to be all talk. If your interested in any of these you can get more details and the links here

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

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As far as syndicated programming that I carry, primarily my part 15 is an affilite of the all 80s Sunny Radio format from CloudcastRadio. Complete with DJs from 6am to midnight. Aside from that I carry The Doug Jen and Victoria Show at 5am weekdays as an early morning news program. Additionally I carry some talk programming from GCN, LRN and RBN; namely Free Talk Live, No Free State, AutoWorld, View From The Couch, The Paracast, some gardening show, and The Republic Of Texas Radio Show. I also carry a handful of Oldies Programs, Mike Overnight fills the midnight to 5 gap.

There is only about 7 hours in the entire week that doesn't have some form of DJ banter, top of the hour news runs from 5am to 8pm.

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Considering the amount of effort it takes to produce anything I'm impressed anyone actually does it. I've had ups and downs just getting on the air. And I'm not there yet. But closer. 

I did secure permission from a few podcasters to rebroadcast their content.




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Doing a pilot episode of another show today. 

  • "Rocking The Message" - a non-traditional Sunday Christian-based show, featuring Christian music, "songs with a message", and inspirational thoughts.  Planning to air it every Sunday at noon eastern. 



Matt Boland

1650 AM, "Radio Free Connecticut"