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Any Good Blues Show

Any good no commerical blues show from the 60s to 80s that is 2 or 3 hr long??

Great Question

Dan Akroyd (sp?) does a blues show that

is syndicated on U.S. radio.  I can't

remember what it is called - but you can

probably Google it and find out.

Brooce, Hartford


Blues-Mobil Radio Show

Blues-Mobil Radio Show

This 1-hour blues show comes from Istanbul, Turkey.

Carl Blare

Even More Blues Shows

Large Blues Collection

This opens the door at the Internet Archive

Carl Blare

Tons of Blues

Took a look on Shoutcast_com, the big radio directory of streaming stations, and the genre "Blues" lists heaps of blues stations of many flavors.

If you find stations you like, you could stream them on your station!


Carl Blare

UpFront Soul

A DJ music show available at

Carl Blare

Upfront Soul is a show for R

Upfront Soul is a show for R&B and Soul no Blues I play it on Satudradys

A Good Blues Show Would Be Good

I'm surprised it is so hard to find good blues shows.

I'd love to have bles music on my station.

My own blues library is probably just ebough to do one show.

Maybe I'll do a blues hour and post it.

Carl Blare

That would be great

That would be great

Trying To Do a Blues Show

Finally got started looking through boxes of 45 RPM records to see if I have enough blues to do a show.

You can hear me rummage through the records on my daily radio show

Blare OnAir Lite Digging For Blues

Carl Blare

^^^ Sounds great

^^^ Sounds great

Define "Blues"

"Blues" means many different things to many people. Are you talking Mississippi John Hurt? Brownie McGhee? Willie Dixon? Howlin' Wolf? Lightning Hopkins? B. B. King? Stevie Ray Vaughan? ERic Clapton (or for that matter the Yardbirds)? Stones? Zeppelin? Aerosmith?  Jonny Lang? Joss Stone? Susan Tedeschi? Peoople who prefer Mississippi John Hurt might not care for the Stones covering blues standards.

Carl has kinda inspired me. I have well over 40,000 records, and as I flip through them I see plenty of blues.  I was thinking, for a hoot, I could "pull a Carl" and just sit down and spin some of them (although I'm sure I'll find way more blues 45's LOL). but I don't think I'd have time to do a regular show (what with the oompah Hour and all) but occasionally, if anyone would play it.  Maybe a mix of all the above?  Geeze, I'll have to get the 78 stylus out for some of 'em!


Just about any type of blues

Just about any type of blues from the 50s to 80s

The Stage Is Yours!

Tim, of you do even one blues show I will listen to it with the window blinds down and doors locked, no transmitters, since I don't have a music license.

It will be great!

I also will trudge forward trying to find a second and a third blues record until I have a good hour.

DJboutit has stirred things up in a very great way!

Carl Blare

Mick Martin's Blues Party it

Mick Martin's Blues Party it is a 3:45 to 4hr non commercial blues show from KXJZ

search google to find more links from that site for more shows I was able to get 101 episodes

I have listen to the first few min of 2 shows it sounds great I also got Acid Jazz show great show to with very limited talking both of these shows are part of Capital Public Radio.

Cleared for rebroadcast?

The question is, are they cleared for rebroadcast on Part 15? 



I do not think they can be

I do not think they can be rebroadcast on Part15.  Now if your station is internet only has less than 75 listeners and your not making $$$ I think you would have no problems playing this show. 

Hey Tim...

Any "Polka Blues"?

Druid Hills Radio AM-1710- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC and our Resident Hobby Agent.  

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