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American Senior Radio Network is one of two audio/radio reading services in the NW, ASRN is carried on KFAE'S 89.1 subcarrier 67khz service, note: the LPFM information mentioned before about their non profit status was told by me directly.

KFAE takes my direct url and re broadcasts it with permission, I and other RRS services in the US do exchange programming, I do have volunteers from their homes on live during my roasts and radio show, between gaules moldie oldies, read newspapers and such by permission and if they are an author of a book or artists, and if they are local they do read it live while on remote location.

Yes I can do it from home but the audience enjoys the ambiance of the remote, I do two remotes weekly from two is the roasts and radio show/gaules moldie oldies and one from a local restaurant.                ASRN Facebook Page..    Listen Link(Does work)check if you have a firewall setting and some public places or offices,libraries,etc does have them..  American Senior Radio Network, located in Vancouver Washington/Clark County, is a full time live 7/24/365 non commercial radio network(non podcast)providing news,info,community/civic programming,book-magazine and newspaper readings on the air by volunteers. ASRN Radio broadcasts live on itunes radio/app and the iblink app for devices for the visually impaired.  Past "The Roasts and Radio" Shows, featuring guests from all walks of life from Civic/Community Leaders, Small Businesses/Services serving the blind,disabled or seniors,plus covering topics effecting the community.  Roasts and Radio Site..