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about the show

The show is live while on remote at Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters in Vancouver,Wa, at times when the Roasts and Radio Show is not on, to keep up the demand of Gaule's Moldies Oldies, I do 3 one hour shows(un rehearsed,on the fly,no script,no set playlist or what I am going to play for the day,I go by the vibe and feel and tempo, I know really un conventional)have been for years, I do have an idea of the flow of the show, I use Zara Radio for the songs, I do have a list,but it is on the fly and non scripted, and it works for me and the format..

I get to the remote at PT on Sundays when it opens, set up and get the feed going, and go from there on, I have been at that location for almost a year, I like Ken the owner, he trains kids from the blind school and deaf school how to roast and package cofffe and to learn a trade and teaches them things and has a big impact in the community and is admired by many to be a key role in the community, some of his staff is deaf.

The place has a vibe and quirky feel and is small, I did do the show on fridays but to get more community non political guests, artists,writers,community leaders and such, I did sundays.

Both shows are live and as said non scripted, and on one with the guests, I started ASRN after leaving golden hours/OCFB Radio in Portland after 13 years as volunteer GM/PD/OM/MD/Underwriter Manager and grantwriter and running3 of their streams, knowing the evergreen radio reading service was going, I did call them for advice.

I did offer the station to the blind school but they had no interest, I do program ASRN and do daily functions of it. 

I do enjoy the live remotes much from many places, I have done over 100 in a year from various locations,such as a christmas bazaaar in Portland,and so on...

The audience likes the connection of being sundays was easier, so to all by habit I said fridays not sundays, I do apologize..

Thanks all...

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