7/9/17 The Italian Connection Live...

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7/9/17 The Italian Connection Live...

Well, here it is another Sunday and time for The Italian Connection on WCFI-LP 96.1 FM Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio from 12 to 2 Eastern Time.I've been trying out UStream for some live video of the show.If you'd like to check it out goto click on  "Watch" and search MRAM 1500.Fun stuff...

July 16, 2017 Italian Connection...

Well here it is, another Sunday with The Italian Connection - Live on WCFI-LP.

If you'd like to check it out you can stream audio at

And now you can watch while you listen at  Click on "Watch" and then search "MRAM1500".

Live from 12 to 2 pm Eastern Time.


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It's Sunday Again...

July 23rd and it's The Italian Connection LIVE on WCFI-LP 96.1 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

And again you can check it out at  Click on "Watch" and search "MRAM 1500".

Except for the transmitter and antenna the setup is similar to what you may be using.  Off the shelf consumer equipment in the studio except for the Barix Instreamer/Extreamer used for the STL over a network connection.

The mixer is by Mackie; 4 mono mic inputs, 2 stereo line inputs, 2 effects/aux busses, main and alt buss outputs.

Mics are from MCM, Stellar large condensor side address.

There's one CD player, an antique BSR turntable and a simple 4 output headphone distribution amp.

All the audio equipment was probably less than $500 including cables.

Today, just Tony on air.  The Italian Festival is on and I suppose everyone else is there.


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Where To Be

The show ought to originate from the Italian Festival, where all the good food would naturally be.

I once had a regular table at an Italian restaurant. I'd bring dates because there would be no way they could refuse.

Carl Blare

Work work work...

We did broadcast from the Festival last year.  I'm not sure why they didn't want to this year.  Maybe to busy working the Festival?



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Remote Question

What equipment to you use for remotes?

Druid Hills Radio AM-1710- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC and our Resident Hobby Agent.  

Department of Redundancy Department...

My remote setup is the same except the PC is a laptop and the network connection is a Verizon Jetpack Hotspot.

I use TeamSpeak for the STL.  Desk mics are same and I use dynamic mics for live crowd and stage.

So it's pretty much a duplicate of the studio in a road case.


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Thinking Back

This little list contains the names of Italian women I've known over the years.

If I can Google them we could have a 10-minute Italian Festival on Blare OnAir Lite.

WCFI has advance permission to carry it.

Carl Blare

Ahhhh Dora...

Today's show includes Dora and Davide.

Davide has been in the United States for about 2 years.  Dora has been a resident for many years.

Today's show is by Davide's choice, more contemporary with a mix of traditional Italian music.

Find it at UStream.TV.  Click on "Watch" and search for "MRAM 1500".  Or you can listen at .


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Late is Better Than Early

I stopped by and even though the show is over there is a handy re-run all ready to play on U-Stream.

I wanted to meet Dora but she was hidden from the camera although her voice was radio friendly.

I'm still remembering more Italian women from my fading past.

Carl Blare

August 6, 2017

Wow, another Sunday and it's August already.  I still have antenna work to do at home.

Today's show features Davide Romanno and Tony Rinella.

As usual you can watch it live at or listen only at from 12 to 2 pm Eastern Time.

Schools start back August 16th and we'll probably be doing live football remotes.  Stay tuned...


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Waving Hello

If there were another female co-host I'd link to UStream to see if she's viewable on camera, unlike last week when Dora sat behind a giant cabinet.

Football? I saw a game once. It was 1953.

Carl Blare

August 13th, 2017...

Well, interesting day.  

Do to a scheduling confict, Dora was not able to host the show today. Unfortunately I didn't find out until after I had to start the program.  Tony and Davide were not scheduled to be here and were not available.

So, for the first twenty minutes or so I ran the show and then put an encore presentation on for the rest of the show.  You can view at   USTREAM.TV

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it's the 13th.

Well that's life...


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That Happens To All of Us

Yes, I remember the time Orson Welles missed his bus and I was called to fill in for him.

Or, that was a day dream I once had. At my age it's no longer certain whether memories are genuine.

I was just recalling my engagement to Ida Lupino the movie actress. I wonder why that memory only covers 5-minutes of time.

Carl Blare

August 20th...

First, let me thank Mr. Blare of Worldround Radio for running The ALPB meeting last night.  The 19th was a particularly busy day.  

We spent the afternoon installing a drainage system in my son's backyard as everytime there is a heavy rain his basement would flood from all the ground water from his neighbors run-off.  The old bones are sore today...

Also, it was my wifes birthday so returning home around 7pm we had to get ready for a family gathering for a birthday party.  Of course first there was dinner, then a birthday party.

I was able to check in at The ALPB TeamSpeak room to let everyone know if I made the meeting it would be late.  Mr. Blare was present and I asked if he would mind chairing the meeting to which he graciously stepped up and took over for me.  Thank you Carl.

So here it is, Sunday the 20th and time for another Italian Connection live show.

Speaking of live shows, we will begin broadcasting the high school football home games again on September 1st.  This year I would like to see the school, in addition to doing the sports comentary, run the whole show.  Last year I had to stay at the studio and run the breaks and half-time show.  This year I'd like my responsibility be to switch to and from the live remote only.  After all the school is supposed to be training the students broadcast technique.  They do have a nice studio so I think it's time they start using it.

A side note; a mouse chewed through the fiber optic cable at the transmitter site severing the network connection for the transmitter site.  As such - no communication to or from the site Thurday.  I had to pull in a replacement cable from one transmitter shed to the other and terminate both ends.  All went well and by Thurday evening around 9 pm it was back in business.

It just goes to show  -  it's always something...


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It's Always Something

What's Going On With That?

I have been noticing the same thing as MRAM 1500 talks about...

It seems that no matter what we do, something unanticipated goes wrong and ultimately success is measured by whether we ended up in the hospital or just have a big bruise that will heal.

This forum site doesn't know how lucky it is that I don't come on here everyday and list all the mishaps that happen.

The more planning that goes into a project the bigger the mishap.

The word "mishap" is a contraction of the words "miss" and "happiness".

Everytime we do something we are "pursuing happiness".

When unplanned accidents happen instead, we "miss" out.

Get ready. There hasn't been a mishap in over an hour.

What will it be?

To avoid the whole thing I'm going to look for some good Italian music!

Carl Blare

After the Show

I did listen to the last quarter hour of Italian Connection and watched the studio on UStream.

The WCFI studio is like a mini-mall in which everybody walks around and goes in and out of the door.

None of the radio studios I worked in had so much foot traffic.

Carl Blare

Whooooo Whoooooo, Ding Ding Ding Ding...

Yeah, considering the train passes by within a couple hundred feet of the studio a little foot traffic is hardly noticed.


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Sunday August 27, 2017...

Todays show features Tony and Dora.

Dora is on camera today, a little bit.  She hides behind the table lamp but you can catch a glimps of her now and then.

Givani is still in Italy to return perhaps next month.  Their club organizes a one week trip to Italy every year.  Givani usually stays on for a month or two.

In the mean time, the show goes on...



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From the Audience

It's nearly 4 PM CDT while I listen to the UStream recording of today's Italian Connection, consisting of some very happy sounding music.

Dora gets my vote for being a regular co-host... she ads a sweet and delicate touch that keeps me tuned, and I think I'm typical of all listeners.

Languages are so "foreign" to those of us who do not know them...

The two hosts alternate between perfect English and fluent Italian as easily as I switch from AM to FM, but not knowing Italian, it sounds like they are making voice squiggles and murmers.

I heard a new (to me) German word the other day, and I'll be looking it up in case I ever need to say it... verklempt.

Now I'm off subject and see no way to get back on.

Carl Blare

Friday Night Football...

First home game live on WCFI-LP.

September 1st Cuyahoga Falls Black Tigers vrs Norton.

The high school radio class teacher and his sidekick are the sportscasters.  They do a great job.

You can listen online at


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My Football Game

In 1967 I attended a high school football game.

Something about it seemed very strange.

For one thing the ball wasn't spherical, it was kind of oblong and everybody risked their physical welfare trying to get the ball, then they'd throw it away.

They did it on a flat field that didn't have trees, shrubs or pathways.

I knew far better locations within walking distance.

Although many numbers were yelled over the PA system, there was no mention of the game in math class.

Carl Blare

Big Balls...

That's about the same years I was in high school and yes, I went to a few games.

I tried out for football while in the 6th grade but it didn't work out.  So instead I concentrated on my other hobbies like - radio.  Maybe I should have tried base ball.  They have a smaller ball.

Well the football show went OK the other night.  We are trying to convince the school to handle the show with little intervention on my part.

I sent them prerecorded breaks, an opener and closer.  He was a little rough on the controls but the show went on.  I'm sure they'll get better with time.

Speaking of time, it's time for another Italian Connection Show Live.  Davide, one of the talent, just arrived with his music-oops he just ran out the door said he'd be right back.  Has to run home for something he forgot.

Hmmm, I may be starting the show by myself again.  Live radio - it's fun...


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3 September 2017 - In todays show...

Madison will join Davide today.  She is breaking into radio with some occasional chatter and reading copy.


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Connected to Italy

These weekly Italian Connection reminders are working, they get me tuned in every week and here I am again wondering why the snack food never runs out at WCFI.

Carl Blare

For Sunday Sep. 17th...

Here we are again, Live with The Italian Connection.  Today Madison joins Davide again.  She brought her friend with her but she only wants to nod her head.

The Friday night football game broadcast went well.  I showed the school how to set their telephone hybrid interface for auto answer.  That way they don't need anyone in the studio.  I can stay home and switch programs so the boss is happy as the overtime to do the game is reduced.

Our team is 0-4 so far but they did get on the score board!  That should make them feel better.

If you want to check out our live broadcast today you can listen at or you can see a webcast at  Click on Watch, then search MRAM 1500.



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Visit Italy From Your Chair

Everyone love Italian restaurants for the finest in excellent food and pleasant atmosphere.

Italian music is every bit as good, and you can find it every Sunday on WCFI by traveling to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, or streaming from UStream.

As you enjoy it nod yes.

Carl Blare

Just Another Day...

It's Sunday and time for The Italian Connection on WCFI-LP.

Today's show is a bit of a surprise.  As usual the host arrives a little late and drops a CD on the desk to rip for todays show.  Really would be less intense if it wasn't 15 minutes to air.  I have to rip, process and load into the player-no time to clean up tails.

Then the bomb drop - we'll have two guests and we will be interviewing a musician from Austria using Skype.  Ok, we've done Skype before-long time ago.  On opening Skype I'm informed that my version of Skype is out of date and needs to be updated.  Ok.

Now its about 2 minutes to air.  The cd is ripped, the files normalized and loaded into the player tails as is.  Skype is working on its update.

OK-10 seconds to air, Skype is done-untested and now 3, 2, 1, switch automatically ready or not.

Yes!  I made it.  Next, our guest Tony will Skype the musician from Austria in about 10 minutes.

Skype worked!  After a fashion...  A little trouble connecting, dropped the call once, but otherwise the interview went well.

The DJ's are running the board and with all the excitement-not well-but the show goes on.

45 minutes into the show all the excitment is over, the guests have left and now for a relaxing finish for the rest of the show.

Live radio is fun...


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Community Radio....

Tonight is the last live broadcast for this month from the Cuyahoga Falls High School Auditorium.

Tonight is the Roberts Middle School Holiday Band Concert, 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

We're havin' fun now...

Show time 7pm Eastern.

Listin live at


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Tuned In

KDX Here, checking in at the very beginning of the show. I will listen for awhile. Thank you for such novel programming.

No, I am not broadcasting the concert, just listening.

Carl Blare

Recorded Live

Fortunately I had an off-air recorder running as my direct recorder failed.  Not as clean as a direct recording but it's something.

If anyone happened to capture the streaming audio a copy would be much appreciated.


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