Mixers that do not need AC adapters or batteries

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Mixers that do not need AC adapters or batteries

I had a Sony MX-6S while I was in my podcasting stages a few years back, but it is no longer usable (the input/output cords got stretched out of commission)

MX-6S's are going for beyond my budget on ebay at the moment, and I was wondering if there were any similar mixers out there just in case all the MX-6S's all get sold out while I wait on my next sales commission?

Passive Mixers

Audio mixers that need no batteries or power supply are known as "passive mixers" and there are several on the market.

If I run across one later today I'll post it here.

Carl Blare

Here's a whole lot
IIRC....the Shure M67 4

IIRC....the Shure M67 4-channel mixer was/is passive -- no power required...

It's basically a MONO mic mixer -- 4 XLR inputs/1 XLR output......

M67 is powered

The Shure M67 requires AC power.  Comes with a permanently attached AC line cord.  However, the PS is built in, hence no wall-wart and the power supply inside is very high quality.  These units are basically bulletproof. 

They can be opeerated on batteries with an optional battery pack.  But the power cord remains permanently attached.



Mia culpa re: the Shure M67!!

Mia culpa re: the Shure M67!!! I was thinking of the Radio Shack "knock-off", I believe...

Took a few months, but I finally found a solution to my problem!

Mixers (techies call them audio interfaces) powered by a USB cord! Found one in a pawn shop for $30. It's an Edirol UA-3 FX. Not only can I use various types of mics, but the audio from Winamp or anything I play via my laptop is fed to the UA-3 FX, which I can output with an RCA male cable into my TH II. I'm hoping I can find another device that will do the same thing...I'm looking at Behringer's UM2. I know from Youtube reviews that it can input XLR, 1/4, and 1/8 mics (1/8 if I use a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter), but will it pipe in my laptop audio as well? 

All In The Interpritation...

So, it wasn't that you needed a non-powered mixer.  Rather you didn't want to have to fuss with batteries or external power supplies or even a line cord.

You have found your solution.  Bravo!

Your mixer power source is the USB connection just as my multi-input USB sound cards.

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