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We Hacked Our Own Computers!

All at once the magic door opened, the veil was lifted, the curtain parted, the clouds opened, and we are Networking Between Our Two Computers1!

BIG THANKS to Troy TheLegacy, Neil Radio8Z, Johny Rag FM, Bob MRAM, and everyone who guided the way!

It happened using the native Windows Remote Connection System.

Neither Team Viewer nor TightVNC seem to be needed, although eventually I'd like to learn them as well.

Now we can get back to the radio business!

The (old) XP computer will remain the Radio Station Player/Streamer, and the (new, used) Win 7 computer will be the Production Center, Browser, and film noir viewer.

Unfortunately I may soon regret the excitement of the moment... I was so elated by the accomplishment after two weeks of struggle that I rushed up to Flotilla, my impersonal assistant, and kissed her, hugged her, rolled on the table with her and her makeup got smeared and one of her shoes came off.

Now she's on the phone asking her mother what to do.

Carl Blare

I think I should have been thanked also...

I kept my my shut.

Druid Hills Radio AM-1710- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC and our Resident Hobby Agent.  

But of Course

Certainly our thanks to Druid Hills Radio goes unsaid.

Carl Blare

More Success

Over at the neighboring forum (ALPB) Jim Henry happened to mention that he uses TightVNC for networking among computers, whereas I'd been unable to get it working.

But then I decided to mess with it and BAM! It started working.

I am posting this very message over a TightVNC connection, using the keyboard of the Windows 7 computer to communicate with part15_us out of the XP computer!

Also to remember that Radio8Z and TheLegacy also use TightVNC.

Druid Hills Radio gets credited too, for wanting credit.

While we're at it I'd like to thank Brooce MICRO1700.

It's like working in the kitchen while doing executive work in the office.... being two places at once!

Carl Blare


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