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The Alpmic Ongoing Development Project

I wanted to get a version of this circuit that meets approval and here it is.

This is Version 16.3e


Carl Blare

Parts List and Sample

Alpmic V16.3e Parts List

R1, R2 = 909 Ohms

R3 = 220 Ohms

R4 = 6.6K

C1 = 2 uF

C2 = 1 uF

Alpmic V 16.3e Audio Sample

Blare On Airt Test Broadcast

Carl Blare

Moving Target

The microphone to be used for tonight's ALPB meeting is the last version shown here... 16.3e...

But I have already decided to withdraw it and build V 16.3f due for release by Monday.

New information has come along regarding electret capsules such as those in this project, as well as a few more points about FETs operating source follower.

No matter how good a microphone is it cannot make up for poor speech or problem voices.

We were listening to a podcast produced by a major news site utilizing the finest state-of-the-art microphones and audio equipment, but the two women, although beyond college age, sounded like little girls suffering from "voice fry", a common vocal mis-use of our time, and screechy gummy articulation.

The male participant had an unflatteringly upper midrange voice speaking somewhat too fast and running words together.

Prior to a certain time communications companies hunted for high quality suitable voices for audio work, but in this age where no one is discriminated against standards have been dumpstered.

Carl Blare

We Have Discovered the Secret of Eternal Life

If today is Monday we are right on schedule with the planned release of Alpmic V 16.3f and it is the Bull's Eye!

For the past several days we have gone into deep trance consulting with the sub-conscious and allowing all the previous experiences to fuse with Neil's generous technical input and we arrived at the Ecstatic Moment, far superior to static on the radio...

We can now say with confidence that we know more than 50% about what we're doing.

Stand by for

1). A schematic diagram of V 16.3f;

2.) An audio sample too.

Take the rest of the week off on me.

Carl Blare

Presenting the Pudding of Truth

The Alpmic V16.03f is here for display.

Listen while you gaze.

Blare OnAir Speaking Over the Elegant Microphone

Am having trouble uploading the Diagram... perhaps TIF images are not suitable?

We'll fix it later.

Thank you. And thank them. Who's she? Do you know her?

Carl Blare

Diagram V16_3f

This is a sincere attempt to get the diagram posted.


Cannot do it today.

Carl Blare

Can't Fail

Trying Again


Carl Blare

Well it seemed sincere.

Well it seemed sincere.

Druid Hills Radio AM-1710- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC and our Resident Hobby Agent.  

Sincere Audio

Thank you Druid Hills Radio for our new brand name:  Sincere Audio.

We were able to repair the link to the diagram in post # 38.



Carl Blare

Thinking About What MRAM Said

I think it was Post # 16 when MRAM posted this:

"Ever notice some circuits will parallel a large electrolytic with a small value like .1 uf or less?  

"Electrolytics have an inductance which at higher frequencies raises the impedance.  Think about how they're made.  Two long sheets of foil rolled into coils separated by insulation.

"As such the reactance of the coil offsets the capacitive reactance.

"Suppose an.electrolytic can have a resonant frequency like a coil?"

The question is this, if I understand the point... Is the high frequency audio range of this microphone design rolling off within the speech frequencies?

If so, you have shown the technique for compensating.

Carl Blare

Inverse Thinking

Or no, the behavior of electrolytics would be entirely inverse from one another depending on whether we are talking about by-pass capacitors used for establishing signal ground or DC blocking capacitors in the signal path intended to couple stages.

With that in mind we must be prepared to think again.

Carl Blare


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