Vertical Monopoles Near Buildings

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Vertical Monopoles Near Buildings

Below is a graphic using MoM software to study the effects of installing a vertical monopole close to another physical structure, such as a wood-framed house.

The closest wire conductors used to construct the framework shown in the graphic are located six feet away from the vertical radiator.  Those wires would behave (roughly) like the interior a-c power lines of a typical frame home.  The far-field radiation patterns are shown for this layout, for a frequency of 7.25 MHz.

The patterns for the MW broadcast band would be less affected, due to the longer wavelengths in use.

Your chart says it's a 33

Your chart says it's a 33 foot antenna 6 foot from a re-radiating structure, shouldn't it be a 10ft antenna by a wood house?

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Another Mystifier

What does 7.25 MHz have to do with our low power hobbY?

Carl Blare

MW Version ...

... with 18 ohm R-F resistance in base loading coil, and base of the 3-m vertical monopole located within 6" of the earth.

The nearby structure produces little adverse effects to the shape and gain of the radiation patterns of the monopole, for these conditions.


There is more than 1

low power hobbY

Druid Hills Radio AM-1710- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC and our Resident Hobby Agent.  

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