TH 5.0 Antanna mod question

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TH 5.0 Antanna mod question

Hello all

       I have been reading thru the forum and I found a case where somone had changed there antanna from aluminum to copper, same length. My question is this, has anyone replaced there antanna with the same length of wire, but changed it from stranded aluminum to solid copper of the same gauge ?? I was curious if this type of a minor change improved reception, made it worst, got any better range, or made the sound quality any better. I have just recently purchased a TH 5.0 and was surprised how well it got out from  my quick test in my basement. Again, not sure how far I got out, but I was surprised that it was so strong at the end of my driveway, considering it was in a concrete basement !! Thanks..........NHRadio

copper as a conductor

Copper trumps aluminum as a conductor.  The funny thing about signal propagation is, well, a lot of factors. And the conductor for your antenna is just part of the big picture. Try it.  One reason I became a ham operator is the experimentation. This broadcasting gig isn't ham, but radio is radio. Presumably you have access to copper and aluminum wire to experiment.

My guess is the big thing for a better signal will be moving the TH above ground level.




I thought the Talking House

I thought the Talking House antenn wire was copper.

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

No, it is stranded aluminum

No, it is stranded aluminum wire. Not sure what the gage is.

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