ALPB TeamSpeak Temporary Outage...

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ALPB TeamSpeak Temporary Outage...

It was discovered early this morning that the UVerse internet connection at the MRAM Felmly Communications Complex is off-line.

TeamSpeak as well as other streaming and webhosting from the complex is offline until further notice.

If not restored in time, the Blare On Air 5th Friday show TeamSpeak connection will not be available.

Will update as information becomes available.

Standers By

While the ALPB Leadership works at restoring the TeamSpeak Facility we bring you an announcement from the producer of Blare OnAir.

The 5th Friday of the Month Special Edition of Blare OnAir from the TeamSpeak Open Room has been moved to the following day and merged with the planned 5th Saturday of the month Blare OnAir making it 2 shows in one.

If the TeamSpeak Open Room is unavailable on Saturday we will stand on the roof until helicoptors arrive.

Carl Blare

Testing, Testing...

The internet connection at the MRAM Felmly Communications Complex has been restored.  

A failed AT&T modem/router has been replaced.

I believe all hosting services here have been restored including TeamSpeak.

Testing is underway.


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