Selected Electronics Articles and Author Links

The loss of most of the traditional electronics hobbyist publications has left a void in the information available to beginners and experts alike. Your humble editor spent some time at the library this Holiday to recover some of the lost knowledge from the Golden Era of Electronics Magazines.

Presented below are some of my favorite articles along with links to publications still available from these popular authors.

William Sheets and Rudolph Graf

Two of the most prolific authors in the Gernsback era were William Sheets and Rudolph Graf. Articles by Sheets and Graf covered all manner of transmitters and a good variety of other electronics topics.

North Country Radio's MPX 2000 FM Transmitter

Build This Carrier Current Audio Transmitter

Build the MPX 96 FM-Stereo Transmitter

Build a Low-Power AM Transmitter

CW and AM Modulation methods

Crystal oscillators and circuits

Power Supplies and Circuits

Basic Regulator Circuits

If you enjoyed these articles be sure to check out the authors' other publications on

William Sheets
Rudolph Graf

* Copyright Notice and Disclaimer The title Popular Electronics was sold to Gernsback Publications and their Hands-on Electronics magazine was renamed to Popular Electronics in February 1989. This version was published until it was merged with Electronics Now to become Poptronics in January 2000.

In late 2002 Gernsback Publications went out of business and the January 2003 Poptronics was the last issue. These great publications will surely be missed

Because the copyright holder has gone out of business, this article is reprinted here for those who might never have seen these remarkable hobbyist publications.


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Thank you SCWIS for linking us to the cultural heritage that so nearly disappeared.

And hearing from you is a welcome surprise as well.

Carl Blare

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Nonetheless, it is nice to have this bubble up to the top.