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Forum contributor Scott gave us a kick start on this new project, so I'll lift a few lines from his post to open this book page. Scott says "I seem to recall there was a thread once that contained links to sources of free audio content. I'd like to see new, current list here, perhaps as a category under web links, or a standalone page... I'll start things off with some free audio content that I use, or have come across while looking for free content. Most of these I have asked for permission to play on my station, or gleaned enough from their website to determine that syndication was OK" • dysfunctional radio • American Sunrise Radio • a mixshow for low power radio stations called the Groove Factory • live, streaming and downloadable, available to all FCC-legal & Legal Part 15 stations • live, streaming and downloadable content • five-minute newscasts at the top of the hour • local weather delivered as a podcast • weekly naturopathic health podcast • live call in show as MP3 stream and podcast more... • live MP3 stream, diverse alternative programming, many different hosts • satellite network with MP3 stream, various talk shows, christian based • weekly live show, paranormal issues, MP3 stream, podcast • weekly live show, paranormal issues, MP3 stream, podcast • work at home moms talk show, podcast • electric vehicle news, alternative energy, podcast • fun music, covers, podcast more... frank19 adds "Here's fun and wacky content:" • Cheeze Pleeze • Professotr Nutmeg For more serious content: • Shortwave Report • Between the Lines Music: • Motown Memories From Mr. Klingon: • "A Klingon Word from the Word" (Klingon Bible studies) • "Programming in Tongues," discussion of doing alien linguistics using computers. scwis adds: • some live content, some on-demand, some downloadable • gaming info and red state talk • some live content, some on-demand, some downloadable • some live content, some on-demand, some downloadable • PSAs with unlimited distribution • production content for sale, a very few free dpownloads • will generally give permission in open markets • some live content, some on-demand, some downloadable
Quality News

I also stole this comment from Scott's posts, used to test the commet function - thanks Scott!

Wow... I found a web site that produces free-to-use, five-minute hourly news updates between 6am and 6pm, Pacific time. The organization is called "Quality News Network" and their website is

They currently offer news only via satellite and by streaming Real Media. I emailed their listed contact to inquire about using their service and if they could provide an MP3/podcast feed. I received a response within minutes. They said that a podcast might be in the works, and they are happy to have as many people as possible hear their program.

Experimental broadcasting for a better tomorrow!

Little Orphan Archie Radio Program

Jason Remington writes
The Little Orphan Archie radio program is a eclectic obscure recordings from the 30s through the 80s, plus novelty tunes, one-hit wonders and lost oldies --music you won't hear anywhere else on the radio.

The program is FREE! We invite you to download the program, listen...and begin airing it each week. If you broadcast the show, all we ask is that you let us know the day and time you will be airing it each week, so that we can promote your station as an "affiliate" on our website. Our website is and each week's new show will be posted by 11 PM Arizona time Saturday night.
Thanks! I hope you find the program fits somewhere in your schedule.

The Little Orphan Archie Radio Program

Experimental broadcasting for a better tomorrow!

Many frequent show on various helth topics. Delivered as MP3 podcast.

Email for permission

Robin Valley Community Radio
Omaha, Nebraska
AM 1690

Robin Valley Community Radio
Omaha, Nebraska
AM 1690

EZHelp, You and More Internet Radio Show

I received a request from the creator of this show to add them to my lineup. Anyone looking for a light variety show might be interested in this.

My name is Bob Redys (a.k.a. Big Bob). I've been broadcasting an Internet Talk Radio Show for over 5 years straight. Our show is broadcasted live every Sunday at 11:00 am EST. If you are interested in providing room in your schedule to the LIVE show, exchange links or if you are willing to link to a recorded broadcast available 24/7, simply reply to this email.

Our show has been featured in a few local newspapers and we make every attempt to have an interesting guest weekly.

The EZHelp, You and More Internet Radio Show is 2 hours of talk comedy broadcasted every Sunday at 11:00 am EST. Join Daisy, Mystery Tramp, Justaguy, Wacky Lud and your host Big Bob and listen to weekly Bozo Awards, Sunday Morning Sidewalks, Web Links and Audio Grab Bag segments.




Robin Valley Community Radio
Omaha, Nebraska
AM 1690

Robin Valley Community Radio
Omaha, Nebraska
AM 1690

Update from the
Tony writes "We are pleased to inform you that after considerable expense and numerous errors, we are streaming successfully in mp3 format with" "We are delivering QNN newscasts live 6a through 6p Pacific Monday through Friday. We also offer our latest newscast, and the audio quality is improved. Our plan is to start delivering newscasts three hours earlier to be feeding the East Coast through the morning (6a-Atlantic to 6pPacific) beginning the First of the year." "We are also delivering live and via archives -- and in mp3 format -- our new daily one-hour broadcast called 'America Back on Track' at noon Pacific. It is a drawing considerable attention because it represents the public’s hunger for information rather than the typical propaganda of the left and the right. Give a listen." Experimental broadcasting for a better tomorrow!

Experimental broadcasting for a better tomorrow!


My Part-15 stations, which is also simulcast on just went "ALL CHRISTMAS" each night between 12Midnight and 5AM (central time)

If you like GOOD nostalgic Christmas tunes without the "fluff" of Gloria Estefan, Michael Bolton, Christina Aguilera,'ll CERTAINLY enjoy

We're playing all the GOOD old tunes from Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, etc...


Mod Mid-Sixties Magic
Where were you in 1966? Where ever you were, if you were anywhere at all, you were listening to traks like these on the radio. Thanks to WILCOM LABS and CONELRAD Radio we have a fun selection of short bumper and PSA files in MP3 format. You can download these below A message from Boris Karloff GO Radio, promos from 1966
GO Radio CUT 01 GO Radio CUT 02 GO Radio CUT 03 GO Radio CUT 04 GO Radio CUT 05 GO Radio CUT 06 GO Radio CUT 07 GO Radio CUT 08 GO Radio CUT 09 GO Radio CUT 10
CONELRAD Civil Defense Radio PSAs
Radioactive Fallout Caught in the Open Fire Hazards Basement Shelter Improvised Shelter Emergency Water You Must Obey Duck & Cover
Experimental broadcasting for a better tomorrow!

Experimental broadcasting for a better tomorrow!

Quality News Network Expands Service

This morning we began broadcasting the finest hourly newscasts in the country two hours earlier, starting at 7:00am Eastern.

We now deliver 15 newscasts a day, with plans to expand to include more hours later this year.

You are welcome to air them.

And America Back on Track, too, the new daily hour (12n PST) that features scintillating interviews and thoughtful commentary. Neither left nor right, ABoT serves the public’s hunger to be informed.

All we request is that you let us know about how many people you think are tuning in.


Tony Seton
Executive Producer
Quality News Network
PO Box 2318
Monterey CA 93940

Experimental broadcasting for a better tomorrow!

Experimental broadcasting for a better tomorrow!

More networks
James just added a 32 khz feed.

They also have broadcast quality streaming for anyone wishing to pick them up, here is their broadcast clock.

A lot of microbroadcasters in Texas rebroadcast GCN. Alex Jones is on this network. for affiliate contact information.

The Closet Oldies Show

I have to plug this show -

The Closet Oldies Show

Probably the best commercial music oldies show out there

New Programming Available for Part 15, LPFM & LPAM

Access America is a new radio station that comes to you via satellite and Internet streams. The programming is free to individuals, Radio Stations (Part 15, LP and Full Power). Access America airs a variety of shows, from music formats to talk radio. There might be a show that fits your line up. Some are with commercials, some are without. Some put ID's for their affilliates, some don't.

Again, it's free! All we ask that you send us a note what show you re-broadcast. Stations carrying Access America are responsible for any royalties pertaining to the music played on the show. Check us out at

If you have a show you would like to air on satellite or syndicate via satellite, please contact us outside this forum. It's cheaper than you think!

Ralf Black
Access America

Ralf Black
Access America

Time Warp Top 40

Couldnt Find a Link on his page for emailing so here is his email address
Its a Great Show!
jklebar (at) earthlink (dot) net

Free Short Format Cooking Show

I offer a free 2 minute short format cooking show to part 15 and all other stations - AM and FM. The show is about easy, quick, cheap and flavorful cooking. It is sent every Wed via email.

The tip formatted two ways - one for both Sports/talk stations and the other MP3 for music stations. The same tip backed on one by upbeat sports theme music, the second version is backed by a down home Americana beat.

Feel free to email me any questions and I will be happy to add your email to my weekly mail out.

Kent Whitaker

Deck Chef's Shorts

I've been running Kent's Deck Chef for a while now. Makes for a nice variety of programming.


Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

Member Station - ALPB


I'm interested in putting your shows on the air. Where do I find them?

The Deck Chef

Here is the LINK TO WEBSITE where you will find contact info.

Kent emails the show to you.


Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

Member Station - ALPB

Mid-Atlantic Engineering Service

Over 15 years of hands-on experience with the design, construction and maintenance of commercial and non commerical AM and FM broadcast facilities.

Bob Carter - KC4QLP - WQJK414

Mid-Atlantic-Engineering-Service of Central NY

Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

DJ Frederick Zine Review Free-To-Air

I recently received an email invite from DJ Frederick at Zotte Park Media.

He produces a 60 second "Zine Review" of Alternative Press works.

The production is very good with a pleasant sound bed.

His invite allows Free-To-Air use of his reviews. All he asks is that you let him know who and where you are.

You can find him at Zotte Park Media which will list the Zine Review links to download the mp3 files.


Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

Member Station - ALPB

Free programming for oldies shows

Hi Gang,

I am just throwing this out there if anyone is interested as I am new to this group. But we give permission to any part 15 station to rebroadcast our online shows if they so desire that we are also broadcasting online.
We broadcast our shows on MP3 at:

We play 50s and early 60s Rock and Roll. Any interested parties please just let me know via e mail at: that you are doing so - so that we can cross promote your station.

All the very best,

Bennie Dingo
Rock-it Radio
99.1 FM and
Rock-it Radio

Rock-it Radio Online at:
and 99.1 FM -- broadcasting the music of the first
decade of Rock and Roll since 1995.

Travel & Cruise: Music, Stories, News, Discounts & Reviews

If you need content for your Part 15 radio station then I am able to provide it for you. Please email me at:

Cruise with Bruce Radio is an travel internet radio show on the Cruise Radio Network that was designed for the frequent travelers & cruise enthusiasts! Listen to our programs every week as we explore today's hottest travel & cruising trends! Listen to music from up-coming musicians as they introduce the music we play and they give us tips on their favorite city destination, restaurants, hotels, and sites.

No editing of content is permitted. Please email me with your station information so that I can publish it on my website. Thanks.

Bruce Oliver, host
Axis Mundi Systems, LLC - Cruise Radio Network
Cruise with Bruce Radio Show
VM: (702)722-3781#

gcnlive programs

I've begun emailing to find content for my station and has a few cool programs (I've seen a couple of them mentioned in posts at this site before). Unfortunately, here's their "not so nice" response:

Thank you for your interest in our programming. Unfortunately we do not partner or condone our programming being re-transmitted via commercial-free or Part 15 stations.

Strike this one from the list.



Has anyone researched the legality of running Old Time Radio programs? I can't find a definitive answer anywhere, but it seems as though it should be OK if pre-70s.


Good News For You

RiversideRadio here is a pot of gold waiting for you of public domain oldtime radio (OTR)

Select AUDIO

Search: otr

Carl Blare and gcnlive

Man, I've downloaded tens of gigs of OTR from there. That isn't a pot of gold, it's a goldmine! Thanks for looking out for me. I'm already running a full schedule of OTR programs from there but I'm worried about the legality of it.

I'm somewhat depressed about the answer from gcnlive - I wanted to run some of their talk radio shows. I've decided I'm going to email the programmers themselves to see if I get a better answer from them.

To cheer myself up, I just bought Now I hope I don't have to switch freqs anytime soon!

To Discuss GCN

I was surprised that GCN gave you the turndown. I always thought they would be receptive to Part 15 stations because it would mean more exposure for them.

For a long time there was a commercial-free version of The Alex Jones Show uplinked to under Creative Commons, free for non-commercial use, but that stopped all of a sudden.

I have sent e-mails to to seek direct permission to air Alex Jones, but they have not responded. On his shows Alex encourages people to copy and distribute his videos without asking for permission, but he has not said the same thing about his radio show.

Here is some good news that should cheer you up, FREE TALK LIVE, 2-hours daily, 7-days a week, from Keane, New Hampshire is free to use upon notification, either streamed live or broadcast later. They will list your station on their affiliates list.

Carl Blare

Content Report

Finding Content for Part 15 radio stations and for streaming radio stations is an interesting part of the hobby.

Low Power Hour episodes #15 and #16 report on the topic of free programs, and links to the mentioned programs are posted at our website.

Low Power Hour # 17 will bring more free programs for your attention.

The Low Power Hour itself is also free for use upon notification, and your station will be added to our affiliate list.

Carl Blare



Thanks for the offer. When I get ready to go full-time, I'll email you for scheduling details.

Regarding GCN, I found a post on another forum where others had a lot worse things to say about their response and the management there. I noticed that free talk live is available to us and I think I could probably get permission from some of the other programmers as well. It's not over until... (and she's not singing on my station anyway).

source of free music has a lot of music that we're free to transmit. Check each artist's licensing info because it varies.

Have fun!

Political Parody

HERE IS A LINK to some tunes by one Steve Bryant. Some of these are dated but if you're into Political Parody tunes these a pretty good.

The link is an m3u playlist.


Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

Member Station - ALPB

Gaule's Moldie Oldies is Back!!


<a href=" " target="_blank"><img src="" alt='Create your own banner at!' border=0 /></a><br>Copy this code to your website to display this banner!<br><textarea cols="40" rows="2"><a href=" " target="_blank"><img src="" alt='Create your own banner at!' border=0 /></a><br><a href="">Make your own banner at!</a></textarea>


Also e mail

360-550-6840 cell

10405 NE 9th Avenue C-12Vancouver,Wa 98685-5564

7-8 PM LIVE PACIFIC TIME(but will download asap to PodOMatic) 128k Mp3 Bitrate. (Mp3) (WMA) (Weblink)

or Scroll Down to Stream #7

or go to: and Search for "AM 1700-FELIDA WASHINGTON"

Gerald Gaule GM/OWNER/Engineer of CGR/CLR Radio

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