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More Shows Gaules Moldies Oldies

More Shows Coming, if you want to be on the dropbox list for programs, three are done on Sundays then posted..send e mail to be on list to subject GSMO..Gerald..kivcradioor by

These are good

Thinking of downloading a few shows.



Mouldie Oldies

You are already on my website and will soon be on my playlist.

Jim Henry HBR Radio 1610, serving Honey Brook, PA. and NW Chester County.

Just to let Gerald know....

Just to let Gerald know...."3A Oldies 91.9" aired Show 1 this past Sunday (1/7)...and will be airing Show 2 on 1/14.....

Hope this is OK.....the Sunday program uploads arrive too late for me to air the SAME week...but, since each show is "self-contained" and not "dated", I hope airing a week behind is OK....At least, for the time being, my station only operates on WEEKENDS....

If all goes well -- I'll be expanding "Moldie Oldies" to TWO hours (1-3 PM ET) by March!!!

Mr. have a FANTASTIC program!!!!:)

thank you all, no worries of

thank you all, no worries of the times, I do them live on remote on location...I arrive at Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters when it opens, around 7:26 AM opens at 7:30, grab my gear my books stored there, set up/kind of prep on at 7:45 on line, get things ready for the 8 AM first show(recorded)as well, edit post no later than 9:10-9:15, do my local roasts and radio show, then get the next 10-11 AM Round, same thing edit and post, then another live shot roasts and radio show for community issues/topics, then 12-1 PM show..


All shows are on the fly,live,un rehearsed,I kind of get the flow of the show, and the vibe of it and such, the requests and dedications are real time and by email and FB...I like the live feel and vibe and energy of it and the flow too...I am thankful, I get into that boss jock feel, with a twist and weirdness of it, and I do get funny looks from the patrons of the coffee shop, beatnik kind of place, and how all kinds do drop by the show to say hello...



it is all cool, thanks Man...

it is all cool, thanks Man....

thank you so much..I do my

thank you so much..I do my best..and to in some way to entertain, my fear of a boring show..

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