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Transmitter advice

Can't decide what transmitter to buy  talking  house  ccrane  or whole house transmitter  which one would give more range  thanks 

My opinion

Depends where you want to be AM or FM.

With AM, any transmitter whether the Talking house or others you need a more elaborate set up to get range. An outdoor install with ground radials etc.

With FM in the USA you are quite restricted in range because of the field strength allowed by the FCC and ANY FM transmitter, if it meets the max. allowed will have the SAME RANGE no matter what you get. According to the tests done by a forum member the Ccrane out of the box is underpowered....less than allowed by the FCC, so the range will be less.

But if you have a little more to spend on something that can last indefinitly and sound like a commercial station look at the Decade MS-100. There are a few right now on Ebay including a "new other" for a lot less than new from Decade. Second to the Decade is the Broadcastvision. Both are certified in Canada and the USA but the Decade is trimmed for the correct power for where it will be shipped to from the factory.

Decades on eBay

I notice the ones listed as "New Other" on ebay are being sold from Canada, and apparently not directly from the Decade folks.  This leads to the question -- if you buy one of these is the output set for Canadian or USA Part 15 rules?  If it's configured for Canadian use the output will be substantially over what the USA laws allow.

I have contacted the seller to find out and shall report back.


And the answer is...

I received a reply from the seller of the "New Other" Decade MS-100S transmitters on ebay.

 "I'm sorry but I am not an expert in this type of equipment, therefore I can't answer your question".  

My guess woujld be that since he's a Canadian seller, and the transmitters are made in Canada, and sold by a Canadian company,  and since they sell them set for Canadian or US laws depensing on where they are being shipped, that what he's got for sale are most likely set up for meeting Canadian rules and NOT USA Part 15 limits.  Beware.


I'm still.trying to figure

I'm still.trying to figure out if I want to go am or fm far can my broadcast go in a small community  on a talking house  it be 300 feet would that be 1 mile  and as far as fm has any one ever use a ccrane or a broadcast vision  would fm be just as far as the as tht  thes 3 are the only ones I can afford right now 

Your range on AM is going to

Your range on AM is going to depend more on the quality of your installation rather than the transmitter.

Even a Talking House can give you 1/2 mile or more range if you install it outdoors in the clear and with an external antenna with a good ground.  Install it indoors and using the wire antenna will get you significantly less range.

You have to install the more expensive AM transmitters (Rangemaster, ProCaster, etc.) outdoors (that's what they're designed for) and that's why it might appear that you get a lot more coverage at first glance.

The cheaper Talking House doesn't sound as good, but depending on your programming material that might not matter.

You're not going to get nearly the range on legal Part 15 FM that you'll get on AM.  Count on 200 feet (and probably less) to ordinary portable radios with up to 600 feet or so to sensitive car radios (and with noise).

Legal Part 15 FM is governed by strict field strength limits, and field strength = range.  All legal transmitters wll get the same range, everything else being equal.  If you get more than the kind of range mentoned above, you're probably not legal.  Legal Part 15 AM (Part 15.219) does not have field strength limits, but rather restricts your transmitter input power and antenna system.  Optimizing your antenna system (including the ground) within the constraints of the rules will give you far greater range potential than FM.

In conclusion, if you're looking for the maximum range, you need to go Part 15 AM, and with a good, outdoor installation.

Reply to Rocknoldies 1570

If FM out of the ones you mentioned go for the Broadcastvision as I have used this one and next to the Decade it's probably the second best of them all. Range wise it seemed to have the same range as my Decade MS-100 that's set for BETS-1 in Canada. If you are on the second floor of a house you should get down the street, and across the street, and maybe around the block if the streets aren't to far apart(with a good radio). With lots of houses around you can get to potential listeners.

AM as was pointed out has the potential to go much farther but to do it you need to be able to do an outdoor set up with a ground. You can't count on getting a mile and at night distance is greatly reduced.

AM or FM?

Having read all the other replies including yours, I also think you should go AM.  Considering your limited budget it seems like your choices are ,imited to something like the Talking House or perhaps the Spitfire on eBay for about $100. Disclaimer: I have no experience with either of them, I have a Procaster and a SSTRAN AMT-5000. If you are able to mount your transmitter outdoors and have the lawn space you can probably greatly improve your range by installing a ground radial system underneath your antenna.

Jim Henry HBR Radio 1610, serving Honey Brook, PA. and NW Chester County.

The Best Advice

Everyone who suggested using AM is correct, and I join them... AM will give you the best legal range money can buy.

Make a map of your neighborhood with all the houses drawn in and make a circle 1-mile in all directions from the center.  All the homes within the circle are potential listeners for your station.

Make a note of the date when you start broadcasting and celebrate your anniversary every year.

You have found the secret of happiness.

Carl Blare

Ok thanks for every ones help

Ok thanks for every ones help here is a Google map on the street I live on I'm surrounded by house restaurant so I think I do ok

519 Shadescrest rd?

Yeah, you have a few houses and  potential listeners there around you.

Maybe the restaurant would play your station!

But whether to go AM or FM only you can decide. But you have to have a place outside that's safe for the AM set up that will give you good range.

Rangemaster AM1000 on eBay

Not sure if this is within your budget but it looks like a very good deal.

I am not the seller nor do I know the seller so I hope it's ok to post this, and also of course do your due diligence.

Jim Henry HBR Radio 1610, serving Honey Brook, PA. and NW Chester County.

Helpful To Post Good Tips

All the carrier current equipment I have came from friendly tips posted here that let me know the deals were available at Ebay.

Your tips can help someone.

Carl Blare

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