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Legal Part 15 Transmitter

Hi everyone, I have been doing research on and off for the past 3 years looking for a transmitter that is Part 15 certified and has decent distance. I do like the talking house transmitters but I can't seem to verify the Part 15 certification ID they provide. 


I'm looking for a transmitter where all I have to do is connect my mixer, plug the transmitter in, and broadcast and have the device Part 15. I really don't want the FCC to come knocking lol 

Here's the Certification

Here's the FCC certification for the talking house AM transmitter




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Hello TheStick:

In your previous posts you were experimenting with FM transmitters and now it appears you have switched to AM since you mention the Talking House.

Our member Jim Henry just had a great success and is well pleased with his installation of a ProCaster Certified Transmitter.

ProCaster Website

Carl Blare

I did actually end up finding

I did actually end up finding the certification after a bit more research, thanks Mark. 

Yeah in the past I was looking towards FM broadcasting but based on some of the threads here it seems like AM is the way to go. The procaster seems like a good transmitter however Its a bit to expensive. The talking house seems like a good transmitter to start with. Is there anything that I need to do to the transmitter in order to be Part 15? or is it Part 15 out of the box? 


Thanks for your reply everyone. 

Out of the Box Plus The Rules

The Talking House transmitter has come in many versions and, according to my information, is now called the i.A.M. Version TH5.0, which has been re-engineered to have better characteristics than earlier versions which are prone to have audio and signal problems.

i.A.M.Transmitter Official Website

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YES....if certified with number it can be used as it comes or as per install instructions. You don't want to change anything, nothing you need to do.


Thanks everyone for your

Thanks everyone for your input! I had another question. I've heard that this transmitter can get upwords of about a mile in range which is amazing, however, wouldn't that be breaking FCC Part 15 rules of only 200 feet? I mean I know the device is certified but I'm not sure if that has any effect in bypassing the 200 foot rule. 


Thanks, Devon. 

No 200 foot rule for AM. 

No 200 foot rule for AM.  your allowed 100 mW into a 10 foot long antenna.


A good AM transmitter like a Procter can reach 2 miles.

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Interesting Question..

Would it be illegal to put 2 talking house transmitters, in two different locations and broadcast the same content on the same frequency? In other words, creating sort of a 'daisy chain' if you will. 

Also, is there any perticualar frequency that Part 15 is restricted to on the AM band?


No.  There is no restriction.

No.  There is no restriction.

Druid Hills Radio AM-1710- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC and our Resident Hobby Agent.  

There is also no restriction

There is also no restriction on having two transmitters broadcasting the same material, at least in the U.S.  You can't do that in Canada (you require a separate programming source for each transmitter).

Reply to ArtisanRadio

Didn't know this....saw when looking at CRTC rules a while back and the section on BETS-1 mentioned that many transmitters can be installed in several locations to cover a larger area as long as each transmitter is within the allowed field strengths and meets the technical requirments....will post if I can find it again.

So, When I told you that you could use BETS-1 for your Osprey Village project if you could get a couple of Decade's in different locations and broadcasting the same feed ...that would be illegal?

So you can have more than one transmitter but each has to have it's own programming and not all be doing the same thing?



Here's the CRTC excerpt...
Low-Power Announcement Service -- an LPAS is an AM or FM undertaking with a very limited coverage area. In the case of AM (535 - 1605 kHz), transmitter power must be such that it does not produce a field strength level of more than 0.25 mV/m at a distance of 30 metres (note that the daytime protected contour of a regular, protected AM undertaking is 0.5 mV/m). In the case of FM (88 - 107.5 MHz), transmitter power must be such that it does not produce a field strength level of more than 0.1 mV/m at a distance of 30 metres (note that the protected contour of a regular, protected FM undertaking is 0.5 mV/m).
LPAS undertakings can be referred to as "30-metre coverage" undertakings. Operators of LPAS undertakings are not licensed to make use of specific frequencies or transmitting sites. Usually, the licensee operates a system of multiple transmitters at different transmitting sites in the community, using any frequency within the bands defined above. These undertakings can operate only as long as they do not cause interference to other broadcasting services. LPAS undertakings are not protected against interference from other broadcasting services, not even from other LPAS undertakings.
  Do you know the section that says each transmitter has to have separate programming? Just for my own info.   Mark

The wording in question is in the LPAS exemption section.  Upon reading it again, I realize that it's not entirely clear what it means.  You're not allowed to broadcast the same message on more than one transmitter, but that applies to Talking Signs or commercial ventures only.  Perhaps an argument could be made that a hobby broadcaster is neither of those two things.

Read carefully....

Read carefully and it says for ultra low power LPAS that if your transmission is "commercially orientated" are selling a house or promoting a business for example that each transmitter can't broadcast the same thing but there's a grey area. What if your message/program has no commercial content? Seems to imply that only in certain circumstances is this true.

Seems like the broadcasting thing, this is another grey area.

Just my take on it.

So could you for example use multiple transmitters for your Osprey Village venture?.....who knows!



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