Decade MS-100

Was on kajiji and came across someone selling a Decade  MS-100 here in Toronto(older model in plastic case) and only wanted $80 for it so I went to see and was cosmetically like new and operated perfectly also so I grabbed it.....brought it home and was as good as a new one for the great price of $80! A good find I think.

There's a couple on Ebay now and they are asking for $400 CAN for the same one!

Thought I'd share that.





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Good purchase Mark!

It is so satisfying to be the one who gets there first when a rare deal comes along.

The Decade is just about the top rated FM transmitter in the low power world, and I know it is certified in Canada!


Carl Blare

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And the only one certified for BETS-1 broadcasting licence free.

This compliments my other one.

Some people don't know the true value of people sell things at a garage sale for $5 and really as you see on the antiques road show it's worth thousands!