Vintage Microphones

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Vintage Microphones

The current edition of This Week In Radio Tech is all about vintage microphones. The special guest of the show gave me a website all about vintage microphones, which I here share:

A Website About Vintage Microphones

Ya gotta love it

I looked at the site.


Microphones aren't just transducers - -

they are art.

Long long ago - I sold an RCA 77DX for

$1000 to pay the mortgage.

Brooce Part 15 Hartford


Vintage Microphones

I am the owner of RCA 77DX and RCA 44 ribbon mic's and I have to tell you that they have such a nice rich sound to them. It must have killed you to sell off your 77DX mic.  The 77's are going for about $1,800 to $2,000 on ebay these days.

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