Low Power Hour No. 72

Episode 72 begins with Low Power in the News including several stories straight from the Forums and Blogs of Part15.us, as well as news of a hacked EAS System at KRTV, Great Falls, Montana; a report on 50kW KAAY, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1090 AM; a quick stop at the website for End 80 Radio, Tybee Island, Georgia; and a new "end of the world prophesy" to replace the expired Mayan and Rev. Camping predictions.

We visit with Radio Dan to learn about his successful radio series being heard on numerous Part 15 stations, and it's likely you'll want to add this show to your station's lineup.

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I can't wait to check it out!

Bruce, The Dog Radio Group


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Enjoyed the Radio Dan interview.

Loved the little piece about starting a personal license free station.


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As an AM BCB DXer, I really liked the piece

about KAAY going off the air.  Very interesting!


The Bonnie and Clyde segments are a really good

way to wrap up an episode, too!


Bruce, The Dog Radio Group


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that Zombie EAS Alert just came in on my EAS Unit at 12:34 AM 2 days after my Birthday feb 23, I AM LOSING MY MIND RIGHT NOW after the alert came in it killed my EAS System my sage system i just fixed a week ago....

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