Ultimate Part 15 AM Installation

Everyone is searching for the holy grail of Part 15 AM transmitter installations. It's all very simple. A base-loaded vertical is the time honored and proven best antenna. Stop fretting about top-hats, center-loading, etc. They don't help much and are either legally questionable or physically impractical. Prior to the (redacted - let's not discuss people who aren't participating) era, the easiest way to dramatically increase your range was to elevate your transmitter/antenna to 20ft or 30ft or more. Now, we can only fall back on stretching other parameters to compensate for the loss of height. Ground Radials: antenna modeling software shows a dramatic improvement in field strength for a ground-mounted 3m antenna when you install 32 to 64 ground radials at least 30 ft long (ouch, pain, chiropractor...) Loading Coil Efficiency: when the antenna radiation resistance is only .1 ohm, the MAJOR loss is in the loading coil. Typical "good" coils have a series resistance of about 15 ohms. This "huge" resistance is the overriding factor in determining overall loss. Any incremental improvements of the antenna (like a top-hat) will only increase the radiation resistance by another .1 ohm or so. The holy grail here is to find a way to reduce the loading coil resistance. A big air-core coil is the best possible. It can cut the coil loss to as little as 5 to 10 ohms. (again... ouch, pain, maybe not a chiropractor). It seems to me that the masses are always brainstorming oddball antenna alternatives rather than focusing on the real agenda. The brainpower of the masses would be much better spent on how to reduce the losses of the loading coil. That's not as much fun as imagining the result of using an upside-down mailbox as the ultimate antenna, but it is reality, not fantasy.

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Not to stir up a hornets nest..but I have to reply to this blah blah nonsense...for the sake of learning and experimentation and the HOBBY. And this is with all due respect.

Stop fretting about top-hats, center-loading, etc. They don't help much and are either legally questionable or physically impractical.

Something bother you about others trying their own created concepts that you have to come here and thump bump their enthusiasm with this so called time honored crap?

There has been ENOUGH of "don't do this, don't do that" time honored BS nonsense. You know why don't we all just give up our individuality and become clones or Borg's or ants and form into a colony doing only one thing across the board! Serve the Queen. No thanks.

How about a little more enthusiasm about the HOBBY. I get so sick and tired of all these nit pick blow hard so called experts dogging down people all over these boards when all they want to do is to expand their knowledge and learn.

There is this thing called "Freedom" and "Independent Thought" and "Individuality". A time honored and once respected and recognized tradition.

It seems to me that the masses are always brainstorming oddball antenna alternatives rather than focusing on the real agenda. The brainpower of the masses would be much better spent on how to reduce the losses of the loading coil. That's not as much fun as imagining the result of using an upside-down mailbox as the ultimate antenna, but it is reality, not fantasy.

OMG!!! What a crock!!! I wonder if Marconi or Tesla or Einstein had to endure such bull stink. If they did....did that stop them? Hell no! And your nonsense should not stop those who are here to discover and find different and UNIQUE ways outside of that so called time honored tradition. Wow imagine...if everything stayed in one place due to limitation of time honored tradition...we would be exchanging all this lovely commentary via smoke signals and air mail via pigeon express.

And suppose everyone did focus their collective thoughts on reducing losses in loading coils. What kind of contribution would you have at that point given the contribution example your giving now??? What...we would be wasting time on pointless efforts there too??? ROFLMAO!!!

If their experiments work...fantastic! If their experiments do not work, so what? Does it affect your wallet or precious time spent on going around quoting time honored riff raff?

Here is a clue...the best teacher in learning anything is by doing. There is only so much that can be done on a piece of paper filled with theory. If someone engineers the ultimate mail box antenna and manages to make it work....do not worry friend...your world is still intact.

(redacted - let's not discuss people who aren't participating)

This is about a hobby, where experimentation is the heart of it and learning about radio..regardless if it works or not.

Afraid of someone actually discovering something that does go beyond that 8x11 world and may prove the number thumping wrong that rips them legs right out from under the cloud 9 perch?

Well by golly gee whiz plop plop fizz fizz man. I'm sorry that freedom of experimentation is such a thing that would upset time honored nonsense so badly that the only relief it is would be to number thump everyone in attempt to convince them they should limit themselves to equal a self inflicted boundary so as to feel comfortable and confident that no one could possibly surpasses it.

That post up there of yours, in my individually inspired opinion, is not worth the web space it is occupying. If you don't have anything to contribute to the efforts other than the same ol stale rotten garbage, then please spare us the howdy doody puppet dance. The tap tap of the cane on the floor is disrupting the flow of thought as well as discovery.

With all due respect...


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I don't believe that smoke signals and airmail pigeon express are part15 compliant modes of broadcast.. unless a means is provided to insure the smoke does not rise above a 3 meter elevation, and the pigeons are equipped with a ankle bracelet attached to a 3lb weight.

But seriously, what's the problem between you two guys?
Presto!, a argument over nothing.

Relax... have a coffee, doughnut, cigarette, cocktail or whatever floats the boat, everything is cool.

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

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But seriously, what's the problem between you two guys?

I have no problem, none at all. I am simply expressing my thoughts in respectful reply to a post about us wasting time trying unique ways to do things. I find the poster's post to be totally against the spirit of experimentation and discovery of the hobby we all enjoy. Nothing more.

It is an agree to disagree point.

Now I will go enjoy my cup of coffee and doughnut and cig and ripple the waters of the health nuts because I have the freedom to do so...at the same time I will be constructing that unique upside down mail box antenna just to exercise my freedom to mount it upright or sideways or hang by a rope off a daisy over a cliff. :)


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Well, I think Phil IS right about the loading
coil, and HI Phil from me - one of the guys out
here! I am a big fan! And I'm sure you have
seen what some what some of the
LONGWAVE Part 15 people are doing with
coils, it's unbelievable!

The thing is - right now with all the stuff I have
going on - it's actually easier for me to mess
with the antenna, that's all. It will probably
be crude and may mot even stay up in
the air very long - but I am more of an
experimenter than a broadcaster.

I would love to build a huge air wound
col, but that takes money. I actually have
some materials here to try this antenna
thing so I'm just going to try it.

And to RFB, you have given me TONS of great
info, which I have enjoyed very much, and I
have learned a lot. And the solar power info
you gave me is great. I didn't have a clue.

So there it is. You're both cool guys in my book!

Best Wishes,
Bruce, MICRO1690/1700


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The guy that rhymes with Pie must have blown the whistle on someone with a high placed antenna and got them shut down. That would explain everything.

"If you see anything, say anything" - Dept of Homesick Sickurity

Carl Blare

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Well, I think Phil IS right about the loading

I do not discount Phil's notes regarding loading coils. All kinds of different ways to create those things besides the "honored tradition" of wound in a drum configuration.

What I point out is that in order to experiment and even find that ultimate loss-less coil is to think outside of the box. Not much more can be found when you limit yourself within borders and explored every square inch inside. The only result from that is finding the same results as found previously and nothing is really gained from it except knowing what you already know.

Makes sense doesn't it?

Ok so we know the limits of this and that. Been pounded to death so much that the stale dust is the only thing coming from it. So how do you find that new frontier?

I would imagine its by going beyond what is already established. That friends is the key to discovering new ways to do things. Who says you have to stick to ground level on the foundations when the intent is to rise to new heights?

Think about it.


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Here in the chamber of my transcendental court, I have taken all sides under advisement and am prepared to issue a ruling.

I believe that both sides are right.

PhilB is right because he is taking the position of the known and established method for achieving the ultimate result on part 15. Proven science.

But the open minded side of the discussion has a point too, because they believe there could be and probably are as yet undiscovered methods of going beyond the bounds of established science. Alchemy, if you will, formulas, new metals and shapes and chemicals as well as a plasma, maybe, and some quantum fiddling.

By the way, there is no higher court, so this is it.

Carl Blare

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I don't want to get dragged into any controversies, but in my opinion, everything is important when you're trying to squeeze out a usable signal from such a tiny amount of power. You need the best possible radial system and the best antenna. I personally favor the use of capacity (top) loading because it reduces the amount of inductance needed to tune the system to resonance. Less inductance means a smaller loading coil, which means lower loss (other things equal). I also think that using distributed inductance rather than base loading can yield a slight improvement. With base loading, all of the inductance is concentrated at the point where the current is highest and therefore the I2R losses will be greatest. However, distributed loading is not as easy to do, and in my opinion not as important as top loading. I highly recommend reading "Low Band DX'ing" by John Devoldere, ON4UN.

The biggest problem for most of us is probably finding enough room to install enough long radials to make an efficient ground system. You really need a pretty big yard for that.

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For those interested in coil options the link below may be helpful. About 1/2 way down in the file there is a picture and discussion of a "basket weave" coil. This example was made with Litz wire but it may offer some advantage if enameled magnet wire is used. It might be worth trying.



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I agree that the loading coil is the major source of loss in the 3 m antenna. In fact, the 15 ohms loss resistance mentioned by PhilB is a bit optimistic. The ground loss is also important, but it is something that can be improved by constructing a better ground shield.

I'm surprised that PhilB disparaged improving the radiation resistance from .1 ohms to .2 ohms. .2 ohms compared to .1 ohms doubles the radiated power, and this is actually better than halving the loading coil loss resistance. Center loading would improve .1 ohm radiation resistance to about .225 ohm. The center loading coil would have somewhat greater inductance than base loading, causing more loss, but there would also be less loss caused by the electric and magnetic fields from the the loading coil passing through the dirt at the base of the antenna. Center loading should roughly double the radiated power compared to base loading, and I doubt that that there would be any regulatory problems.

Like the poor man who needs to save his pennies, we need to do what can be done to get as much radiation efficiency from a Part 15 AM antenna as possible.

In another thread, Neil, ??8Z, recently talked about roughly doubling the efficiency of his Ramsey AM25 transmitter. Here is yet another 3 dB of improvement in radiated power that can be obtained legally. We should try to get such improvements wherever we can find them.

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First, IIRC, PhilB is the well-respected designer and distributor of the SSTRAN AMT3000 transmitter kit, probably the most popular and well field-tested unit, next to the ready-built Hamilton Rangemaster AM1000.

I've only been on the forum for about 1.5 years, but I've been active. One detail I haven't missed is that there are two rather distinct approaches to the Part 15 hobby (even if it's a business):

1) Radio programming and community services, albeit only a neighborhood, trailer park, marina, or apartment complex. Experiments in electronics is secondary. However, ignoring knowledge in that area could lead to danger and debacle, as it did with KENC.

2) Electronic theory, experimentation, and testing, albeit it within the individual time frames available to the experimenter to learn and try new things, where some here don't talk about programming, per se.

IMO, neither should be abandoned in favor of the other. The way I read RFB's comments to PhilB's message looks for all the world more like flame than criticism. I don't believe insinuation and name-calling will help anything in this forum ... save it for broadcasts where controversy actually gets listeners.

OTOH, if you take Phil's comments, they also look faulted. I think he was referring to helping people get on the air with a good signal without spending so much time reading about and experimenting with systems that may not gain anything towards that goal. However it doesn't include the many here who actually enjoy experimenting and exploring as part and parcel of the hobby, even if the ideas don't work.

I'm sure we're all aware there is NO HOLY GRAIL, only the desire to try new things, but that there are individual (and movable) ends of time and circumstance. We're all frail and flawed, but also creative and adaptive. At any given time we all fall somewhere on the line between limitations and possibilities. I, for one, am always learning to balance (or maybe juggle ;))

Like many, I do both, and then some. FHTR is on the air 24/7 (although half of it is just NOAA Weather overnight), but I have two antenna experiments, several splitter circuits, a couple DMM-as-FSM circuits, and some other stuff on my bench, right alongside some very rare vinyl albums I need to digitize (scratch and noise removal), finish updating a couple custom software programs I wrote, and several proposals for live programming.

And now, I'm suddenly very interested in CC applications.

Anyway, that's all just from my vantage point at this time.

All the best, Ken N. http://fhtinyradio.com/   ken@fhtinyradio.com KF7PLC

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Attention to the earth, the air and the domains of magnetics and electronics makes us all very much part of nature itself, and right now nature has taken some terrifying upheavals with seismic activity continuing as spring greets a large solar flare and nearby moon.

I mention all this because I wonder if it plays a role in our own moments of touchy temperament while we chat back and forth.

Hold tight and count the life buoys.

Carl Blare

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I aired Carl's latest interview with RFB ... lots of good knowledge there, BTW ... if you haven't heard it, take a listen.

One of the things talked about was the AUDIO frequency that is supposed to, umm, do something (soothing or ... ?) to creatures. Don't remember what it was, but the idea that nature affects our temperament seems highly likely. Maybe not psycho-babel, but it certainly shows us one sure thing ... WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL.

That loss of life and property, feeling of helplessness to prevent it from happening, will surely put at least some of us on edge.

The tsunami could have come here, where I live. I might not be typing right now, and my station would probably be off the air (at least the AM portion). They were predicting up to 18 inches ... doesn't seem like much, but it could have ripped parts of the dock apart. It traveled to our coast in about 10 hours ... means it was moving at 500-600 mph!

All the best, Ken N. http://fhtinyradio.com/   ken@fhtinyradio.com KF7PLC

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"but there would also be less loss caused by the electric and magnetic fields from the the loading coil passing through the dirt at the base of the antenna."

Why would electromagnetic fields be passing through dirt?

All the best, Ken N. http://fhtinyradio.com/   ken@fhtinyradio.com KF7PLC

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528Hz was the frequency given as "the frequency of love."

Too late, for many Japanese, sorry.

Silly, probably in any case, but entertainment has its place.

Carl Blare

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PhilB is the well-respected designer and distributor of the SSTRAN AMT3000 transmitter kit

Wonderful....Obamah is the president....and.......

Perhaps that point could use another point. At one time even the mighty have to begin with tiny steps and had to go beyond the first...second..thrid and so on....even when at the top...one needs to look around and find out there is yet another step to go even further....that is if one is so inclined to do that...or remain where they are because its comfy.

All well in good.....for those who like where they are...does not apply to all. As long as that can be remembered..that there is no such thing as a one blanket fits all, especially when it comes to knowledge and ability, then everyone can reach a higher achievement.

Just a matter of prospective for one self. As to those who are at their comfy zone....its best to let others find their own higher goals without putting a thumb over their heads simply due to some success which becomes irrelevant when thrown around.


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Ken puts things in perspective. That's
a whole big story by itself.

The other thing - and I don't want to
sound like a broken record - but the
Part 15 US board is a big part of my
life. I takes me away from the difficult
things that we all face in our lives. For
a little while every day I can get on here
and sort of dream about what I would
have always wanted - which was my
own radio station. When I was s lot younger,
I always pictured having a 1000 watt day/
250 watt night station in some little building.
It would be on 1490, or something like that.
And there would be a tower in the backyard. This
board, and experimenting with this stuff
sort of fulfills that dream.

I do tend to think outside of the box, but
that is because of my limitations. I could
not build the 3 meter antenna and loading
coil that Phil designed. I can't drive, so I
can't get the parts (well, there's more to
it than that.) Right now I wouldn't
be able to see well enough to assemble
the 3 meter antenna anyway. When I had
more vision, I built
my SS-Tran. It took me about 3 months to
do it. When I powered it up, I was lucky because
it worked.

When I decided to try to change the SS-Tran
from a yardcaster to something larger, I didn't
know what to do. I knew I wouldn't be able
to make the published 3 meter coil/antenna design.
So I opened a path in the
RF coil section of the transmitter, where the
little tiny fixed RF coils are. I put in a much
much larger coil, with many taps, and a sliding
ferrite(???) core to tune it. It doesn't fit in the SS-Tran
enclosure, so I had to put it on the outside of
the transmitter. But it is part of the transmitter.

No pun intended, but this time I guess I was
thinking outside of the box!

Anyway, the SS-Tran is one of my prized
possessions. I obtained a second unit.
It is not assembled, but I have a friend who
will do it for me.

The other thing that was mentioned by Neil,
and I think some other people, was this:

If you check out what the Longwave Part 15
people are doing (160 to 190 kHz) it is really
interesting. There is A LOT going on down in
that part of the spectrum.

Thanks for listening guys. I appreciate it.

Bruce, MICRO1690/1700


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An air-core loading coil has nearby electric and magnetic fields external (as well as internal) to the coil. If the external fields pass through conductors near the coil, the loading coil Q is reduced, causing greater coil loss than if the coil were remote from conducting objects.

A loading coil near the base of an antenna would suffer reduced Q from electric and magnetic fields from the coil passing through dirt, as well as the ground shield. If the antenna is center-loaded, the coil would be more remote from the dirt and ground shield, resulting in better coil Q.

Incidentally, loading coils wound on ferrite or powdered-iron troroids (or pot-cores, etc.) would have reduced external fields, but the toroid material itself is lossy, at least to some extent, and often results in reduced coil Q compared to an air-core coil with the same inductance.

Ermi Roos's picture

I admire MICRO1700 for his persistence in pursuing an electronics career and hobby despite his low vision. He explained in a previous post that he was born with this condition; but even so, he became an electronics specialist. This is quite an achievement!

Ken Norris's picture

"If you check out what the Longwave Part 15
people are doing (160 to 190 kHz) it is really
interesting. There is A LOT going on down in
that part of the spectrum."

Can you elaborate? I haven't seen any forum contributions from the basement folk ... where are they?

All the best, Ken N. http://fhtinyradio.com/   ken@fhtinyradio.com KF7PLC

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Despite the protestations, I found little respect in the response to PhilB's post. And it's too bad, because it certainly diminished the credibility of the points the poster was attempting to raise, at least for me.

Both are right, in my opinion. And both are also wrong. At the core of the 2 posts is not technical issues, but procedural ones. How to best solve a problem.

There are really only two approaches, each at opposite ends of the spectrum. PhilB is describing a Solution Builder, interested primarily in getting an end solution, something up and running (and hopefully, somewhat effectively). At the other end, RFBurns is describing the Tinkerer, who is interested in solving problems, without necessarily getting anything physically running.

Of course, each and every individual uses both approaches to varying degrees, but everyone falls into either one camp or the other. I'm by nature primarily a Solution Builder, so I understand where PhilB is coming from. Solve the most important issues! Stop fiddling around with things that likely won't work, they're just a waste of time. I'm more interesting in playing around with the resulting radio station, than solving the myriad of technical issues to squeeze out just a bit more range. Radio station running at 60% vs no radio station - for me, there's really no issue, I'll take the former every time and not look back.

On the other hand, some of the most brilliant people I've ever known have been primarily tinkerers. Rarely actually completing anything, they would attack problems that interested them, and when they got a solution that they were satisified with, they moved on. In many case, they provided the basis for what I did to complete the work and apply it to the end solution.

Different approaches. Different mindsets. Both worthy of respect.

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Different approaches. Different mindsets. Both worthy of respect.


So I was long winded in my post. For good reason. I found the post I was replying to to be more of protecting marketing interests than the interest of helping the experimenter seeking those unusual ways of doing things.

That's just how the post came across to me so I replied to it based on that.

The post does have a point...going the quickest route to going on air. All well in good. But the majority here are already on the air or are close to going on air..so obviously there are the "traditional" sticks already in place.

After being on air at that point...when someone sits there in their studio wondering "what if I did this"...and seeks out advice in forums such as this asking that question, it is only fair to respond in kind and help them out with their idea..not start quoting regulations and "honored tradition" worn out statements found on forums A to Z. That is not exactly providing much enthusiasm for the hobby, its more like popping the balloon of enthusiasm to the person who wants to expand their knowledge.

Perhaps that was not the intent of the poster. The original poster has yet to comment since the start of this thread...which I find unusual but that is just my take on it. So I will not make assumption or assertion..only stand my ground in what I replied with..and still do.


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"only stand my ground in what I replied with..and still do."

For me it was more about the rough tone of delivery than content. This constitutes the end of my comments on this thread.

All the best, Ken N. http://fhtinyradio.com/   ken@fhtinyradio.com KF7PLC

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The problem is that practically nobody has the instruments needed for making quantitative measurements. A 3dB change in signal level represents twice the power level, but it is very difficult to detect by ear when using an ordinary radio receiver as the measurement instrument.

It's the same problem in ham radio. Hams have been experimenting with various antenna configurations for about a century, but definite conclusions are rare.

Experimentation is a good thing because it increases expertise. Just keep in mind that it is really difficult to prove anything by performing experiments that do not involve the use of professional test instruments.

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The opening contribution by PhilB has been seeping into my ongoing thoughts about finally mounting an outdoor rig, and now a seed has sprouted.

The outdoor installation will be 100% ultimate, based on the letter of what PhilB described. For me it will serve as a laboratory standard and remain intact permanently.

I also happen to enjoy the novel experimentation that presumes known science to suffer from the shadow of unknown science (things waiting to be discovered), and will do experimental setups, but the beauty is that it will be possible to compare the trial setup to the lab standard setup.

Perhaps the trickiest part about comparing two setups is trying to get them as physically alike as possible, i.e., same height, same clearance from objects, etc., but that part of the design question is also interesting as a project.

Another inspiration came today in a radio conversation between two research psychologists who discussed the new discovery that at the quantum level, it is possible for a particle to be in two places at the same time; it is possible for one particle to influence a second particle instantly regardless of distance, ignoring the speed of light; light waves under observation convert to particles, the point being that the observer of quantum space changes it by observing.

What does this have to do with radio transmission? I don't have the slightest idea.

Carl Blare

RFBurns's picture

For me it was more about the rough tone of delivery than content.

Soft and cuddly rarely applies these days when points need to be made. Ever been to New York or Los Angeles in heavy traffic? Try it sometime...think I was rough....HA!

I was incredibly nice compared to the colorful metaphor exchanges that takes place there. But if what I said ripped the rice paper and smashed the egg shells that lines the floor here...well I'm terribly sorry I speak my mind.

Be nice if the poster did the same thing and not depend on the minions to speak for him after purposely posting crap that anyone with a 1st grade education can clearly see is a post intended to cause the dust to fly. 2 days and counting and not a peep. Don't any of you find that as being a bit of a tilted picture on the wall?

In any case...experimentation is the key to discovery and ideas are the key to invention. Without them, we would still be in the stone age. Face it...progress happens when thought and creativity are allowed to function without a leash. It has been that way and will always be that way. Want to remain in the past...go to a 3rd world country or find a time machine and go back to the time when it was all comfy cozy. Good luck with that!

In the meantime...time moves this other direction..forward..as does discoveries and progress. It cannot be stopped by anyone. It only stops when you stop yourselves, or let someone else lead you to the dead end.

As to the quantum particles....light is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum..as is radio. It's been years since the discovery of moving quantum particles from one point to another was possible. It is called Quantum Teleportation, some neat videos about it here >>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qmSdC7aQpY

Michio Kaku is one of the leading researchers on this subject.

Yes..indeed...progress friends. And this technology stemmed from thinking OUTSIDE the box and ignoring the stale pale tradition nonsense.

Remain in the past if you like...just do not stand in anyone's way who wishes to move into the future...be it with quantum mechanics..or new antennas.


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What does this have to do with radio transmission? I don't have the slightest idea.

Carl, it has to do with everything I'm sure. But when the time comes that we can comprehend and harness it, I doubt there be any desire or need to be broadcasting on the AM or FM bands!

2 days and counting and not a peep. Don't any of you find that as being a bit of a tilted picture on the wall?

I don't find that strange RFB. When attacked, a person generally has two options; either to react with a like force attack, or to deter from the act of force and avoid the onslaught all together.
I like you RFB, but was definitely shocked when I read your initial response to Phils post - it took me by surprise and was quite unwarranted and out of place.
It gave me the impression that you two must have had some kind of ongoing feud going on for you to have lashed out like that. It caused me re-read Phils post to see what I had missed.. and there was nothing there to explain the attack.
It seemed to just come from out of the blue.

I think Phil's attitude may be that an unwarranted comment doesn't warrant a response.

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

RFBurns's picture

It gave me the impression that you two must have had some kind of ongoing feud

I have no idea who Phil is, or have ever spoken with the guy, or anything else for that matter since being a member of this forum. Other than what I knew through a graphic website link on the left column over there.

After owning/administrating/moderating forums over the last 15 years, some of them far more popular than any of these radio forums, with memberships exceeding 500,000, I can tell you this guy's agenda is that of something every forum board has to deal with. And it is not to help any of you out there with your antenna ideas or anything else.

It's called trolling and board baiting.

So I called him out. Funny...but like a roach lurking in the dark when the light shines brightly upon them..they scatter and hide and not come back out till the light goes out. Well the light has not gone out with this yet...and where is the roach?

That was an analogy, I'm not calling him a roach in case some of you need it ABC 123 clarified there. :/

The post could have been put in the on-going thread about antennas and top hats..but it got posted in a new thread so it would appear at the top of the new topic list like a bright neon sign, first line is "everyone looking for holy grail antennas" as if like that is such a bad thing, post once and then vanish. Why? THINK ABOUT THAT FOR 1 SECOND!!!

A typical tactic all too common of a baiting board troller with no more intent to but to cause division amongst the gathered at the round table discussion where wonderful ideas are being exchanged.

Sad...just frigging sad.

Well like Rich, I'm done with this particular nonsense and this particular worthless thread. I got better things to do than to feed this false king's ego. You all might want to find something else better to do as well and quit feeding the king who will gladly bite your head off if you think outside the box.


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For some time, I have been experimenting with top-loading coils for Part 15 AM. They work about the same as capacitive hats. The only method for doing the design is cut-and-try. The NEC antenna simulation program will work for base-loading and center-loading coils, but not for a top-loading coil. This is because an inductor in an NEC simulation is a lumped-constant element with zero dimensions, and therefore with no coil capacitance. The self-capacitance of a top-loading coil is an important part of its design. The inductance is considerably higher than for either center-loading or base-loading.

Because the coil is heavy, guy ropes are necessary for a pemanent installation, but I haven't used any for my experiments. It would be nice to have a field strength meter for this work, but what I do for testing is take a walk from the antenna while it is transmitting a 1 kHz tone to see how far away I can hear the signal on a portable radio. This gives me a relative reading for various antenna configurations.

ArtisanRadio's picture

So now I and a number of others are minions?


I have no interest in feeding RFBurns's ego. I attempted to show that both his and PhilB's attitudes have a place here, but obviously there is no room in his world view for anyone else but himself.

Into the kill file for all of RFBurn's posts - kerplunk!