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We Are Your Local Civil Defense Broadcaster (in Georgia)

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I've been on air for about 3 years and have enjoyed it every second. I was introduced to radio back in the 1970's. I use to visit a Christian radio station, even got to do a public service announcement on the station (WTJH AM1260) in East Point. Although I never went into the field, I loved it. Now I'm trying to do what I couldn't do in life, make a opportunity for others around me to hear music that was eliminated in the 1980's. Everyone use to hear EasyListening music, then all the FM stations changed and went to Talk.

Low Power AM Antenna suggestions?

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I am looking for a low-profile AM antenna that can broadcast in the 500-1700 KHz range, has a 50 ohm connection, and can handle wattage up to 80 Watts ? Isotron is a great idea but it's not practical for my area of useage. Anyone have any suggestions, I need one that uses a PL-259 connector and is about 6 feet or less in height.