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antenna design

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Hi Guys: Just so you know I have constructed two more design of the original antenna design

So far the seems to work good but I still have to construct the other.

You can learn more at the ALPB meetings.

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Am Antenna For Talking House Transmitter

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Hi Guys Sorry i'm not on much been busy antenna construction and manuals etc.

Let me tell you about the antenna i built and used.

I will not Disclose to much do to i'm still making update to the antenna.


1) Talking House 5.0 with original power supply.

2) 25 feet of RG6u cable loss loss. ( I found using any more length loss was more noticeable)

3) Talking Sign Atu ( Fcc Approved )

4) Antenna Is aprox 6 foot in length. ( This Is all i disclose at this time ).


Radio Receivers Talk

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Hi Guys:

lets talk about various radio receivers to help are listeners pick up are part 15 station up better on various frequency we transmit on and also let are listeners what to purchase.

And also let manafactures know how to build better radios for the part 15 and ham operators.

There are so many different manafacture and models out there,Who is really good ?,And i know we can't talk about all of them do to there is to many of them.

1) Frequency coverage.

2) Sensitivity.

3) Features / Functions

4) Prices.


Part 15 Am Transmitter Information Please.

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Hi Guys:I Have a question for all of you out there

I'm looking for information to build Historical Documents on any and all part 15 am transmitter,Or does anyone know how to contact the owner /company that made the product,So who ever can help me out it would be well appreciated from ALPB and i,Thank You.

This is what i'm looking for.

1) Pictures- Clear High quality of Front, Back, Both sides, Top, Bottom, Top of pcb, Bottom of pcb, Etc.

2) Manuls- Good clean clear scans of Operaters manual, Instruction manuals, Flyers, Etc.