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Musopen Telford 02/12/17 update.

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The inevitable has happened! Someone else has begun test transmissions on 106.5. It's a mostly unmodulated carrier detected for about an hour around 11:30 am, and again at 4:30 pm. They are particularly strong out on RT 113, south of Franconia, and north of Harleysville. And I can receive the carrier all the way to where County Line Road crosses Perkiomen Creek, a couple of miles northwest of Telford. That's a good 7 miles or so!

Musopen Telford Feb 04 2017 Update

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I've been able to spend a little time reading and downloading Part 15 related music and info these past few weeks, as well as upgrading the audio and file management. I finally have figured out that despite the presence of what looks like an external antenna jack on the Sainsonic, it was meant only for the stock whip! I'd previously thought the reverse threads were some oversight on my part. It had been easy to get the adapter to fit despite it, by using a file on the threads.

Musopen Telford Update January 30, 2017

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Musopen Telford Update For Monday, Jan 30, 2017.Over the past two months, some updates were downloaded and installed to the spare Samsung Galaxy Core Prime that I was using to play music into the transmitter. Unfortunately, I began noticing problems with the broadcast audio after that time. I wasn't able to solve it, and, had been considering switching over to an old HP-Compaq office computer anyhow.I took the leap this weekend.

October 09 2016 update

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Well, I've not had much chance to participate here, nor, over at the Initiative recently, and, for that I apologize! Much going on in my life.The good news is that my Part 15 ops have proceeded smoothly, if mostly on "autopilot". I am just short of 1000 pieces of royalty free classical music, running on a shuffled loop, from a spare smartphone for the time being. I've lined up resources for an additional expansion, and, await only spare time to proceed.