Who Called Me Today?

No, seriously. Who called me today? Was it you Carl ? It was a Wellsville Missouri number.
If not then it was probably a spoofed number trying to sell me something I don't want.
If it was you Carl, call back and I will make it a point to answer the call.
I have been busy cleaning house and missed the ph0ne ringing.

Why did I even set up voice mail if no one uses it? lol

Oh and by the way, the old phone number is no longer available, if you want my number I will be more than happy to give it to you. Just email me and I will give out the secret number of Blue Bucket Radio lol


Not Me

Good to Hear from You Barry.

No, I haven't tried to call.

Wellsville MO sounds familiar but I don't think it's nearby.

Hope you figure it out.

Carl Blare

Nothing Doing in Wellsville

Barry, I looked it up and learned that Wellsville, Missouri, has a population of 1,217 people and a post office. There are slightly over 500 houses and some roads.

It's located 3 counties away from the Internet Building and on the far northwest corner of Montgomery County.

A part 15 station might do some good there.

According to Radio-Locator 3 FM stations put decent signals into town... 2 from Mexico, Missouri, and the other from Montgomery City. There are no strong AM signals.

Based on your phone call they apparantly have telephone service.

Carl Blare

Fake calls

I get calls that appear, according to caller ID, to be local--correct area code and even local pre-fix.  But when I listen to the message it is a recording from California, 3 time zones and 3,000 miles away.  Telemarketers are able to make appear it's a local call when it really isn't.

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