Wait for the smoke to clear

It's been dry here in Eastern Ky, too dry actually. We are in a drought right now and Governor Matt Bevin has declared a state of emergency for most of the Kentucky. Currently over 150 acres combined in several counties have burned and forestry officials suspect this is arsen.

In my area (Perry County) there had been a fire set in the forest but was contained and is no longer a threat at this time, surrounding counties such as Harland, Pike and Brethitt counties fires continue to burn while both ground crews and air support try to battle the blazes.  A good chunk of this is in the Daniel Boone National Forest, I currently live in a section of that forest called Red Bird and i am keeping an eye on things as best i can.

Last thing we need is a fire to break out in this valley with things as dry as they are, my hats off to the men and women who have to risk their safety to protect wildlife, our properties and our lives.

As of this this evening, we have not had any trouble with visibility on the road ways but that could change at any time.
Who ever it is setting these fires, i certainly hope you wake up and smell the prison time you're going to serve when you get caught.

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Some fires start naturally by lightning  but the careless people who toss cigarettes and don't put out fires properly and don't care about anything should definately do some time.



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If i am not mistaken, some of the fires were in areas where campfires are not allowed and it sucks we haven't had any significant rainfall. It rained two days after all this started but it was isolated rainfall which really didn't amount to much as it was short lived. As for lightning, maybe but so far all reports received show some indication that someone deliberatly set these fires.

I'd like to know what runs through the mind of an individual responsible for setting forest fires or any fire for that matter that is meant to cause destruction or loss of life and property. If they are trying to make a statement, they are going about it in the wrong way.

Kentucky is a beautiful state, rich in diverse culture, history and nature. Why destroy it? Sure it get's bad press but that's no reason to trash it. Some folks can't see the forest for the tree's.

And yes, i am nature freak. lol

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