Saying Goodbye to Social Media

Today, just one day after Donald Trump was sworn in as president of the United States, i made a conscience effort to free myself from the spell I have been under for so many years.

What spell you ask? The social media giant called Facebook. That mind altering propaganda machine that millions of sheeple just cannot live without ever single day. Why? Why not? It took a presidency like Trumps for me to realize that I really don't need a network like social media to be social.

Sure it's convienent, it connects thousands of people worldwide in one central place over the internet where you can instantly share your thoughts, hopes dreams and rants with everyone. The only trouble is, what you read on that site isn't always what it seems.

I mean lets face it, not everything you read or see on the internet as a whole is the gospel truth, just because i post a video of a conspiracy theory doesn't necessarily make it so. Posting things online doesn't necessarily make us experts in a particular subject. I could post a video with a two page downloadable .pdf hypothesis on the beginnings of the Illuminati and swear i know what i am talking about, it still doesn't change a thing. It doesn't make me an expert on that subject, although there will be some gullable folks out there that will comment and read the pdf, view the video and take my word as the undeniable truth that some secret society has complete control over the destiny of humanity. Maybe my words and presentation might even cause some folks to run to the hills and seek refuge from an entity that doesn't even exist.

I can't in good faith, post something like that and sleep well at night knowing i may have sentenced some people to a lifetime of foraging for food while they live in fear that the next human they see is the men in black who have come for their first born and blah blah blah.

This is exactly the kind of crap that is shared on social media, just because it is in print doesn't make it so, some in depth research needs to take place (i would hope) before someone, anyone takes that information as the holy grail.

There is just too many sides presented in a dark manner on the internet lately and it can't be healthy for humans from a mental standpoint. What is the best way to control large numbers of people? Repeat the same message over and over again until you have millions believing that is the right way to live. Trouble is, you have this group and that group both believe their way is the right way to live. A country devided, can never stand on it's own two feet.

Look at the riots, protests and all of the unrest in America now. It's sickening what our country has become and i firmly believe social media is to blame. Maybe i am taking this too far, maybe not. But there is no mandate or law that says we as Americans have to take part in social media. it's an option we have. Take it or leave it.

As an owner of a hobby broadcast station, i do see how Facebook or Google Plus could be beneficial for the station, how else can you get people interested in listening to your station? Well, do what we all did before Facebook or the internet for that matter. Advertise, word of mouth, bumper stickers, SWAG etc.

I read an article the other day where psychologist said after extensive research they concluded that Facebook is toxic, it can be mind altering and i see where these doctors are coming from. Some folks just can't stay away from it, i even found myself attached to FB like it was a drug lately.

Not anymore. I closed my account today after seeing people supporting this side and others trashing that side, see it has succeded in destroying the very fabric of our being. I can't and will not take part in the destruction of our great country or of humanity for that matter. If anyone needs to talk to me that badly, they can always email me or if they are lucky enough to have my phone number then that's a great way to get in touch with me.

I just feel better knowing that i will not be pulled into that mess once again. Take that Mr. Zuckerburg.
The chains are broken and for now i am free.