It's A Soggy Day &

It's a soggy day here and what is thats smell?

This morning as we were getting the kids ready for school this familiar odor fills the studio of Blue Bucket Radio 1620.

That familiar smell was hot wiring and quite strong around the HP Pavilion PC i use to automate the programming for the station, i began to worry and almost in a panic, which is rare for me but considering what kind of year 2016 has been for us here i had a good reason to be concerned.

As time for the bus to arrive drew closer Stephanie and I continued to try to seek out the cause of the burning smell and get the girls on the bus in time. I shut down the pc, my laptop, transmitters and mixing board. Still the smell lingered and seemed to get stronger towards the back of the desk between the pc and the monitor.

A quick run outside to check for smoke, just in case it was something in the house wiring and got the girls on the bus.
My youngest daughter, Lily needs hugs from Daddy before she goes to school in the mornings and i have to honor that request because they don't stay little for long.

As the girls got on the bus i ran back in to the studio and the stench was just as strong, this time i turned off the monitor which was in stand-by, as i did this i got to wondering about the monitor, was that the cause of the strong burning wires smell?

I quicky unplugged the monitor, tipped it forward and sniffed the back of it, UGH! yeah, there's the culprit!
We had been having trouble with the brightness control and the monitor would some times go black but recover after i use a command to revive it.

I wisked it outside in case that thing decided to burst into flames and the air cleared up eventually in the studio.
So now BBR is off the air until i can figure out how to  either barrow another monitor or temporarily use one of the TV's in the house to retrieve files from the HP PC and transfer them onto the laptop i am using to write this blog.

It's a slow Acer Aspire One netbook, but for running the station , it should work alright.

Like i said, it's been one of those years.

Barry of BBR World Wide

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Wow is that image out of focus or what??? Geez.
Well at any rate, that monitor will not be alone as it seems the Sanyo HD LCD TV i was going to use as  a monitor has died as well. Either i have had a power surge or the kids really abused that Sanyo. It was one of the two tv's we bought the kids for use on game systems and for watching cartoons.

I plugged the Sanyo in to my HP Desktop and all I got was lines down one side of the screen, the rest of the screen was black. I asked the kids about it being knocked over or something spilled on it but you know kids aren't going to admit to something like that right away.

So to the trash it goes.
I never cared for Sanyo products anyway. I have a rather old Dell monitor on the HP for now, color isn't great but at least I can use the Desktop PC.


 Barry of 1200 AM BBR - WQYY 664

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I like your picture.  From my point of view, it's sort

of like going to your house to say hello and then staying

only very briefly.  It's sort of a teeny little window into

your world that would otherwise not be seen from here.

I had the dreaded electrical smell thing happen a few years


I was in our bedroom about to leave for work.

Nobody else was home and our family was not

expected back for many hours.

Like you, I searched all over the place.  I could

not locate the source.  I pulled the main breaker on

the house and the smell slowly went away.  I turned

the breaker back on and the smell returned.  Still

not finding the problem, I called work and said I would

be late.  They were fine with that, after they heard the

explanation.  After what seemed like a very long time,

I found the culprit.  I was an outlet strip that was on the

floor behind the TV table.  Upon opening up the strip,

I was hit by a huge smell of almost burning whatever it was.

Part of the inside of the strip was dark black.  Something

had tried to start burning but never did.

The strip went into the trash and I went into work

feeling very relieved.

Best Wishes

Brooce, Part 15, Hartford CT


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My Facebook is crammed with videos and pictures of my world.
Probably more than I should have shared over the years but mostly related to weather, my kids, Jeep and other nonsense.

You just have to dig around in the photo album on my Facebook page, more and more of the images and videos i forgot about are re-surfacing via the Memories feature, ever day Facebook shows something like my kids doing something cute 3 years ago, it makes me smile and at the same time, reminds me they are growing fast.

You and I got lucky, if it had been the weekend where we sleep in on Saturday and Sunday who knows what the outcome would have been. Glad you were able to track down the source when you did.

Barry of BBR Yard Wide Radio

P.S. On a completely un-related topic, i hear rumors that the troublesome neighbores across the road may be moving away.
Let's hope so, but then again, I feel bad for the new community that has to deal with that family and their insanity.

 Barry of 1200 AM BBR - WQYY 664