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We are getting closer to the day where Blue Bucket Radio will return to the airwaves on a more permanent basis.
Software has been installed, currently testing Zararadio 1.4.4 running in Windows XP inside of VirtualBox for Linux on a Linux machine running Ubuntu 16.10 LTS on my trusty HP Pavilion Desktop PC.

I might fire up an FM Transmitter tuned to 105.3 FM later today or after I figure out why Zara Satellite won't allow Line In to pass audio from the mixer. Something there isn't clicking, despite the fact that Zara is able to play Mp3's.

It's a slow process but the pay out will be worth the effort.
1620 AM will be put into service sometime later this month, until then 105.3 will serve up talk and rock to it's 250 foot service range.

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A Better Way

Barry, there is a much better way to do what you are trying to do and I am here to get you started.

Use the more recent version of Zara, V 1.6.2.

Set the Output toward VB-Audio Point, which is a free Virtual Cable, or you can use the paid version of Virtual Cable.

There's more to it, which I'll get back to in a moment.

First, this word.

My line input to Zara, I have XP, also does not work, and I have given up trying to figure out why. But there is a different way to get a Live Input into your audio chain and we'll reach that point in a moment.

Getting back to the instructions...

You will want the latest version of Winamp together with a third party freebee called LineIn Plugin, which gets installed in the WinAmp Playlist. This gets set to pass Zara into Winamp so that you'll have the superior advantage of the DSP side-chain for audio processer and stream encoder.

A second instance of LineIn Plugin in the Winamp Playlist allows you to grab audio from the computer's line in or mic inputs.

I recently got Atrain Radio going with this arrangement and he loves it so much he said he is "stoked".

I've been running with this system for several years and it is more stable than a horse barn.

There are links and further information that I need to supply, which I will get to as soon as possible.

Carl Blare

I know Jack

I use Jack or QjackCTL which is the same thing basically as Virtual Cable in Windows. QJackctl is the Linux version of Virtual Cable.

I am running all this on Linux with a virtual disk drive under Windows Xp, everything works great except that pesky Line In, the sound card shows it is receiving audio under Linux but it is not passing it off to the server for Windows XP.

Maybe your solution will work, I will try it later Carl.

 Barry of 1200 AM BBR - WQYY 664

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