Eclipse Radio

Digging up all the studio gear so we can gear up for the return of our show The Little Things Radio Show and eventually the return to the airwaves on 1620 AM and 105.3 FM. Fingers crossed this goes off without a hitch.

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The Moon Mates with the Sun

Watch out!

This is one hot date!

Carl Blare

Half Way

The Totality passed the location of the Internet Building, home of KDX, a matter of minutes ago, now it is becoming progresively lighter outside.

The Totality has moved into Illinois as it heads south-east.

Awaiting further reports from other radio stations along the way.

Carl Blare

Only 97% Totality

 Barry of Blue Bucket Radio 1200 AM - WQYY 664

The Moon Came Close By

Many thanks BBR for your great effort to get an Eclipse Return Edition of Little Things!!

I have downloaded your show and have it set to air in a minute.

My eclipse shows will come along later in the week.

You know how beer is.

Carl Blare

Re Airing Little Things Friday

KDX Worldround Radio will re-air the Eclipse Return of the Little Things Show from BRR on Friday evening.

Have you noticed that we have an eclipse everyday while the earth blocks the sun?

Also, Blare OnAir Lite was the only station in history to broadcast an audio eclipse.

Blare OnAir Lite No. 527 "The Totality"

Carl Blare

Glenn Hauser in the Totality

Glenn Hauser and World of Radio report on DX conditions during the Totality of the eclipse on August 21.

WOR No 1892

Carl Blare

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