Do these templates make

Do these templates make my butt look big??

Or maybe I should have asked, which look do you like better?

The current template, which is simple and also randomly disordered?

The simple but kind of elegant blue template?

The rather flashy and graphic heavy template?

My opinion? I like the simple blue and nearly elegant template the most, so far it's nice and orderly while not being to basic or too flashy like the other two templates. What say you?

Barry of Blue Bucket Radio 1620


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Hello Barry:

I just saw this blog or I would have replied sooner.

O.K., we're down to business...

The Current Template is pleasant... the one bug I see is the scrolling ticker-tape message crawl across the top which is jittery and effectively unreadable.  Maybe it's running too fast. The color contrasts are good.

The Simple example is very easy going... I recommend enlarging the font a notch.

Fashy is way to cluttered and is off-putting because it feels like it would be a big job to sort through everything.

Happy to be part of the panel of judges.

Carl Blare

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Thanks for your input, and i removed the scrolling ticker.
I can never find the script in the html window of Komposer and get frustrated with myself for even adding that to the website. I was originally using it to show current severe weather alerts but i never could fill in the details on time.

Anyone else? Thoughts, comments, concerns, anything to declare?

Barry of BBR WorldWide

 Barry of 1200 AM BBR - WQYY 664

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I'm glad that you're trying different things. I don't know which I like better, I do pages but can never figure that out, it's so subjective, even on different days I feel different about pages.

I'd think that any page that has good usability, across different browsers and devices is something to think about, and also one that allows changing aspects about it to make it unique to the statement you want to make, to make it stand out and represent your station, or whatever the topic is, that's how I'd start.

Then, as Carl mentioned, is it easy to add things to the main page and links to other pages, making it flexible as time goes on. It's almost like home decorating Feng Shui, and the task can seem big.

You could do an intended home index page, and if not sure, do some sub pages while you're thinking of the final design. You could do a page on your CBs, then storm photography and of course your radio stations and try different things on those pages until you hit on a unified design.

My feeling for it is to get the information on pages first, then let things fall into place with the design. It probably depends on your personal style, some webmasters would work better at putting sections they know they want up first, just stub pages as a framework to go by, then adding things to them. If you work that way, it's good to use paper and sketch out the site you want first, make a block diagram or flow chart.

I've been watching the first page all along, it's different now that you took the picture off the background. Number two looks like a simple blog page, geared to long reading text, like old default theme on Wordpress or blogs in progress. Three is flashy, very modern.

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Well I went with the simple blue themed template, it's easy to edit and looks nice.

Barry of BBR WorldWide

 Barry of 1200 AM BBR - WQYY 664