1200 AM BBR

Blue Bucket Radio is back on the air at 1200 kHz with limited range.

Currently the SStran is pumping out heavy metal on 1200 kHz on an indoor antenna due to the unpredictable weather we have here in Kentucky.

Range is of course limited to about 150 to 200 feet around my property, the antenna is a wire that is too long to mount vertically, so it strung up the wall and across the ceiling. It's limited in range, but it IS on the air.

About the blog post http://www.part15.us/blogs/rock95seven/99-cent-fm-wireless-microphones , I will try harder to make that range test happen some time this Spring. Right now Kentucky weather is all over the place, one warm day followed by snow over night, a couple more cold days and back to warm again.

So hopefully after Winter finally gives up and we have some truly warm Spring days I can do that test and return to this blog with my results.

Until then, Happy Broadcasting