SStran: Testing the built in antenna

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With no ground to speak of, I got nearly 5v from the little transmitter. I'm sure once it's nice and grounded, I'll get something more substantial.

So I fine tune it (by the way - use a plastic tuning stick... boy it's hard to get a reading using a screwdriver on that trimmer..)

I hand the antenna up at the top of my blinds in the computer room. The antenna was sort of looped to the floor and then up to the top of the blinds. I was expecting to get around my house - TOPS.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that without a real antenna, or even a well tuned one, and with zero grounding, I got about 4 blocks radius from my house... and keep in mind: my house is stucco'd - that means I'm wrapped in chicken wire.

VERY cool. I'm extremely please this far - so pleased in fact, I may buy another for backup purposes.

Next step: Build that Antenna.

Thanks for sharing your experience


Nice read!

I too have a SSTRAN and I am totally delighted with it. I am in a stucco house (Farady Shield?) and get decent range with my indoor antenna in the basement. Some may not want to go this way but I am just trying to cover my yard which I do without even trying.

I am using the original plastic enclosure. Metal never hurts and is necessary for FM, but this unit works great with the plastic.


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