SStran: Building the kit

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So I sit down at the tiny desk I have to do projects on, and start reading the manual.

After the manual was read, I started serparating the parts by value.

About 3 hours later, the kit is built.

Wow - talk about easy. I've only ever built a couple of kits before (Ramsey FM25A, RFB 1 Watt FM Transmitter, RFB 6 Watt Amplifier) - and I screwed 2 of those up pretty bad. So I'm no expert - in fact, Stephen Dunnifer told me I should never pick up a soldering iron.

I'll probably bypass the power connector, or jumper it to an external connection mounted insidde my weatherproof case. I still need to find the case...

Next step - Testing the SStran with built in antenna.