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I recently started working on rebuilding my radio station - this one in Evergreen Valley, a sub-division of San Jose, and small community in it's own right.

The community itself is fairly sprawling, and covers quite a bit of dirt.

EVLR is going to be using a Chez Radio Procaster to start with, and eventually go to multiple transmitters around the community. We'll have a SStran and a Rangemaster in the mix, since they are sitting right here.

My audio chain, so far, is a 2 channel EQ, Behringer 2 channel compressor/limiter, a denon cd deck, an old akai tape deck with 2 VU meters (oOOoo), a gemini console, Shure Mic mixer, Shure Console, a nady mic, a boom arm, a small radio shack backup mic and desktop stand, and a PC running whatever automation I end up settling on.

Todo List

Odd bits to buy:
Phono/RCA adapter for Behringer Compressor
4 XLR male->female cables

[done] Use a cup brush and sand off all the rust from the rack
[done] Use cup brush and sand off the gemini logo from mixer
[done] Sand Rack Chassis and Gemini Console with fine sandpaper to smooth out the rough bits
[done] Paint rack and mixer faceplate bright red
[done] Install eves mounts for antenna
[done] Drill top and bottom holes in 5' antenna pole
Solder in a short wire for the ground strap on the transmitter
Run grounding wire for the pole for lightening protection
Mount Boom arm mic (still in transit)

Solder in the new polarized cord and outlet plug on the shure mic mixer
Get audio chain setup and connected (except the rackmount gear)
Get power strips installed/strapped in to rack and tables

Move Automation system mobo/disk/etc to more sturdy case/power
Get Dell box installed and ready for VOIP/IM/E-Mail/Communications/Backup Automation
[done] Install new Sound Cards into automation computer - keep a backup.
Configure automation software to handle the live assist and additional IO
Configure automation system to Take VOIP phone calls.
[done] Get all IM accounts setup (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk)
[done] Get Yahoo Voice VOIP account + Phone Number
[done] Setup email (
[done] Get domain name (
[done-ish] Setup website

Just this guy, y'know?

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