Performance tweaks and updates

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Made some performance tweaks to the site today. Hopefully it speeds up the site. Also, going to test out updating the site software. Cross your fingers ;)

Thank you

Thank you Madmage, we appreciate it very much!

Very much!



What If

But, if it gets too fast, will it make us dizzy?

I only said that so I could be included in the comments.

Truth is, fast is good, because it leaves all the members with longer lives.

Carl Blare

Fast And Furious

Well if it goes too fast...then hang on to something!

Gotta keep up with fast times at Part 15 High.

"Engineering...we need more speed!"

"I bloody well can't warp engine bearings are running hot!"

"Fly her apart then!"




"Scotty, we need more power!" KIRK

"I'm a doctor, not an escalator!" McCOY

"Facinating!" SPOCK


"Aye sir" SULU

"This is even better than Leningrad." CHEKOV

"What's this? Green leaves?" KIRK

"Your weight was up a few pounds, so I had your
diet card changed. I thought you knew."


Shut up you guys. We've seen these episodes
2 billion times!!! -Star Fleet Part 15 Subspace Radio

Actually, Subspace Radio would be a really cool name
for a Part 15 station.

Man I'm lost. 3F-125. Is that Yoeman Rand's quarters,
or is it Dr. McCoy's office?




Bruce, DRS2


Why Me

Why am I the one who comes here now in some attempt to salvage remarks made by Dog Radio Studio 2, otherwise known as MICRO 1700?

I don't know how to do it, perhaps you have some idea.

Subspace radio. Don't you suppose earth itself is actually in subspace?

If not, what the ga-darn heck would subspace be?

Would there be anything like part 15 radio in subspace?

That's the biggest problem. Part 15 is a U.S. matter.

Subspace may or may not exist in the U.S.

Carl Blare

If It Don't Exist....Make It

I am sure the FCC will create a new subpart for Part 15 subspace.



"I could of. I could of. I could of.
I could of."


"I couldn't. I couldn't. I couldn't.
I couldn't."



OK. I'm done now.


Note To Admins

I think there is a weee problem with the warp drive. It doesn't seem to be indicating any new posts made when returning to the engine room while logged out of the LCARS system. Once logging into LCARS, then the engine indicates the new posts.

(translation)..the site appears to not be showing any new posts after logging out and returning later, but does when you log back in.

Bridge out.



"Subspace radio. Don't you suppose earth itself is actually in subspace?"

... Not unless you accelerate it's travel to faster-than-light speeds.

But how 'bout this: We start a grass-roots/sub-movement to collect all forms of wire from dumps and other throw-away sources and start burying them wherever we can get away with it. In maybe ten years we could increase sub-surface ground conductivity world wide. No more need to build radial systems; sooner or later the proximity of the counterpoise, especially in the suburbs would become efficient enough.

Or maybe we could use the ol' subliminal projection theory to flash "Let Part 15 users have longer antennas NOW!" across our website windows.

But not today ... I need to dredge up my submarine ground wire and clean off the seaweed ;)

All the best, Ken N. KF7PLC

In and Out of Space

Is the term "sub-space" a true science term from physics?

Or, is "sub-space" a special state existing in Star Trek or Galaxy Star Fish or some popular science fiction series?

The word "sub" means "below", if I know my words, so "sub-space" would be "below space".

However, space has no up or down.

Seaweed sounds like a good reason to avoid mental blockage.

Could it also be called "sub-weed"?

Carl Blare

RFB- Caching causes this.

RFB- Caching causes this.

Clearing The Cache

Note to madmage..

Well I know that..however after clearing the cache dozens of has no effect.

Even manually clearing the cache doesn't help.

Tried 3 different browsers and all with the same result..not seeing updated posts until logging in.

Process of elimination.

Hope that helps!


It Seems to Make Sense

Until you've logged in the website doesn't know who you are and can't know if there are new messages for you. That seems to me like a necessary mechanism.

Am I smart?

Carl Blare

General Posts

I'm talking about the general posts both on the blogs and forum.

I just posted two new posts in two threads and logged out, then cleared the cache three times and refreshed each time, and the new posts did not display.

This is no cache problem or related to any message meant for one specific member.

Nope, something isn't right..either that or the new changes prevents new posts from displaying right away...almost like as if new posts are being delayed to display in the un-logged in mode.

I've ran forums myself and I know this can be set up to work exactly as I just described. Not any big deal, but for people who are visiting the site and not signed up, won't see posts until a few minutes later.

Could be more harm than good. Possibly make some think the site has little activity..patience these days is next to none in the know...instant this and that I want it now sort of thing...they move on...lost new member potential if you know what I mean.

That isn't the only thing I noticed either. The "Who's Online" listing, does not indicate properly either. It changes as you go from one thread to another, logged in or not. As I post this, according to the Who's Online list, it shows me and MICRO1700, yet going to another thread to read, the Who's online list changes and only shows me.

Never question an engineer's observations when observing a problem or when observing something working differently than it normally used to. Engineers notice things, its in our blood.



My guess is that madmage's comment about the cache referred to the site cache rather than the user's cache. Maybe he will clarify this for us.

The site recently had a security update applied and perhaps some tweaks are needed. The best "test" of how things are working (or not) is feedback from users and it can take some time to track a problem.

Yes, we live in a fast food world but slow and steady works better with software.


Steady As She Goes

"Yes, we live in a fast food world but slow and steady works better with software."

Very true. A simple character or two in a line of code can be so buried in the rest of the code that it takes quite some time to locate, isolate and correct. Same with those gremlin problems in electronic and electrical devices.

"Whomever did this knew how to cripple the caterpillar in a way not easy to find"...Russian Engineer..The Hunt For Red October.


Missed this opportunity

"The word "sub" means "below", if I know my words, so "sub-space" would be "below space".

However, space has no up or down."

Very rudimentary idea: i.e., any place can be up or down, or somewhere in the middle, depending on a particular view from a particular orientation at a particular place ... just talk to people who live in the "Southern" hemisphere.

Also,'sub-' doesn't necessarily mean 'below'. It could simply mean 'something which resides within a larger environment or set of circumstances.'

Einstein's Theory of Relativity says time/space, unlike Euclidian Geometry, exists on a curve, not a straight line, and it isn't static, even if the rules which guide it are, i.e., Gravity even causes light to bend (introduction to particle theory and quantum mechanics). Therefore, if you were to draw a Euclidian straight line from point A to point B in a Galaxy far far away, you'd be taking a short cut, and also the two points and the curve would not define a plane, but a warp.

So, energy re-directed as more like a straight line would take far less time to get to point B, meaning it would have to be going at hyper-light speeds.

Now, an another set of energy rules, a subset if you will, which exist within the rules of 'normal' time/space, will be in operation, thus the term 'subspace radio'.

All the best, Ken N. KF7PLC

Oh, Like This?

Do you mean, like a sub-carrier?

Carl Blare


Yep, if you mean to apply the semantic relation to subspace radio, but not how subspace radio theory works.

All the best, Ken N. KF7PLC

So Then

Are you saying that I am sub-mental?

Carl Blare

Sub-sub-sub, sound of drowning

"Are you saying that I am sub-mental?"


All the best, Ken N. KF7PLC

Maybe I Mean

Maybe I'm thinking of supplemental.

Oh, good news.....

I used your (Ken) two voices that you invented on the newest LPH#26, which will be posted soon.

Carl Blare

Sorry for the delay.

Sorry for the delay. (lol)
radio8z is right, its site-side caching and is heavy for anonymous users. Since the number of anonymous users far outweigh actual users (crawlers, spammers, et al) we need to reserve some of that traffic bandwidth to provide for logged in users.
I can revisit the cache longevity if it turns out to be a huge issue.... I'll keep an eye on it.

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