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The Joy of Part15

It's been a long while since I have been around the scene.


I had to deal with many issues over the past year and a half.

It was really nice to be around the ALPB guys again and talking about the Radio world once again.


My hope is to get all things with my station worked out over the next few weeks and to start doing all of the things I have talked about over the past three years.

Part15 is now in my blood , So I am hopelessly hooked LOL.

Part 15 and me

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Ok here goes.

I once did work in Radio as a DJ and lost my job due to the people who allowed deregulation.
I have posted many times about the ways I want to support our little stations and I have said some things that were over the top at time's.

However to sit here and read this forum and see people try to tell me and other Part 15 broadcasters that we are breaking laws or dreaming about how far our signal will go is really starting to piss me off.