Part 15 to LPFM Community Radio Revival

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I know of no significant progress with KSJU 91.9 since they were issued a CP 2.5 years ago. Brian, the current pres of the local HAM club looked over the stats at the FCC (as did I a couple years ago), and says it doesn't look like they can legally do what they expected to do, plus they lost their original antenna site for which the engineering data was calculated and sent in for their CP.

It will NOT be easy, but there ARE solutions to the coverage-without-interference (to currently active commercial FM stations on the same freq within 20 miles) dilemma, which will involve using a re-engineered directional main antenna plus license-free Part 15 microwave repeaters, and possibly even a second station.

So ... here's the gist of my ideas:

If KSJU fails to comply within the time limits and loses their CP, I can, with a couple friends, very likely apply for and get a CP when the next window opens sometime in early 2012 (best guess ... no one knows for sure yet AFAIK).

Until then, I'm thinking seriously about investing in the Professional-grade Decade FM transmitter, which can operate under Part 15, but which can also be used as an Exciter for a more powerful linear amp:

... This way we can operate under Part 15 during the early stages of engineering to apply for the CP, but, if and when we get it, easily connect the the amp to boost and test the signal to whatever ERP we determine will work under the regs. ITMT, we still have a professional platform to run experiments and collect data for the CP application, as well as collect programming materials and raise public awareness and enthusiasm.

Of course, when the time comes, we'll be keeping ours ears, eyes, and hearts open to local community participation, and in close contact with Prometheus ... However, for any of you who have waded through this type of process, I want to know if this sounds like a doable game plan ...


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Ken N.

Why not buy the CP from them

Why not buy the CP from them before it runs out?

Druid Hills Radio AM-1710- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC and our Resident Hobby Agent.  

Why not? Well ...

1) I don't have the moolah right now. No idea if I could raise it in time.

2) The president of the board and myself are not on good terms. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't consider selling it to me .. or anyone else for that matter. He is definitely a control freak.

Still, it may be worth running an approach if I could find an engineer and a lawyer with some capital. My friend Brian took a look and tried to see if we could arrange to use the HAM repeater rigging to compensate, which was a no-go at the time ... but I don't believe he took Part 15 Apparatus and Barix Exstreamers into consideration.

I haven't talked with those folks about the old NDB tower yet either ... which as I've previously mentioned was replaced with a new one .... because the Port Commission wanted the airport to retain this *archaic system for some strange reason, and use the old space for new hangars.

That old tower is apparently available at auction, and, if it gets no takers, the local HAM club might get it. Could be that might be part of a solution for a LPFM system.

*No new NDB systems are being commissioned by the FAA/FCC. Old systems torn down cannot be re-commissioned once they have gone off the air ... therefore, the Port had to install entirely new hardware because they could not take the one in use off the air and move it. IOW, they had to keep it running until the new one in the new location was running, then transfer the workload ... before they could tear the old one down and use the space.

All the best, Ken N. KF7PLC

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