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How come my signature doesn't show up with original blog post?

All the best, Ken N. KF7PLC

Connection sync

Just an experiment. I'm going to pull off the video and look at audio sync mapping from the Presonus so the STL computer can still pick it up from the web and send it to the AM tx.

All the best, Ken N. KF7PLC

Following the Progress

Right now your video is off the air, but I'll keep checking back because I am very fascinated by multi-use of different media.

The original radio people way back before television dreamed of having "radio with a picture," and you are going to have it!

Carl Blare

What The Video

Hello to Friday Harbor Tiny Radio:

I checked back to see if your video was running, but see no trace of it. Are you still planning to have video?

Carl Blare

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