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board audition

Lost right audition channel on autogram ac8 board gosh I'm po`d.

Building up a nice part 15 recourse library

pdf's, zips' imagess. everything from manuals,tech notes, and whitepapers to schematics

my thoughts on many different subjects

this is an ever evolving document so here is a link to it on a server. http://www.qsl.net/kc8gpd/Economy.doc changes will be updated at that location. it opens in office xp or higher. i used a pseudonym in place of my real name in the linked document because it is publicly accessible. suggestions, changes, error corrections, and opinions are always welcome at forumsnotify @(at)@ gmail .(dot). com most of you know what to do to make it a usable email address.

i declare

it's Wednesday November 7th and I now declare our tv , radio, and newspaper free of political bullshit for another 4 years

i'm robert and i approve this message!!!!

solar emergency backup power

with recent NE super storm it would be a good idea to build a backup power system custom build your own solar power backup system with these parts and it is expandable as money permits


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