I wish this forum had a frickin' spellcheck

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Allmost, iff not all other soshal interacsshun meeting plaices everware else has a spellcheck incoreparaited into thare posting meckanisim.. how cum this wun dont?

Just cureeus..

For example, I copied my

For example, I copied my above post into an online spellcheck, and it corrected my mispelling to provide the proper copy as follows..

Almost, if not all other gasohol intercession meeting palaces freeware else has a spellchecker incarcerated into there posting mechanist.. How UCM this win don't?Just cereus..

Now why can't we have that?

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Spellchecks With Ambitions

That spellchecker is trying out for Saturday Night live.

And it just might make it.

Carl Blare

No Answer

since I thought this site did have a spell checker because, as with other sites, when I misspell the word is underlined in red and right clicking suggests corrections. This works with both IE and Firefox.

Years ago I noticed that my install of Outlook Express lacked spell checking and I found an add on which implements this. Perhaps this add on became a system wide utility which works with text software.

So, there is a solution for your troubles but I don't know how to guide you with this. All I remember is that I web searched for something like "Outlook Express spell check" and found the add-on.


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