How to Make Great Radio - An Illustrated Guide

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Never heard of this 32 page comic book published in 1999... I see prices on the internet ranging from $17 to as high as $70, but if you go to the This American Life website you can purchase a printed copy for only $5 or download the ebook for only $2 and print it yourself

In 1999, the staff of This American Life invited cartoonist Jessica Abel to spend several weeks with them. The result was Radio: An Illustrated Guide (public library), in which Abel peeks inside the hood of the beloved radio show to reveal what makes it hum and teach us how “to lift Radio to its true potential”

Here's how Amazon describes the book:

Radio: An Illustrated Guide is a comic book that explains how to make a radio program. Specifically, it explains how to make the public radio program This American Life. In comic book form, the producers of This American Life explain how to find a story, how to do an interview, how to edit sound, how to write for radio and how to mix a radio story. It also explains how the narrative structure of a radio story works, and how it's different from other kinds of stories. This American Life is the most popular documentary program on American radio, with a weekly audience of over a million listeners, on more than 380 public radio stations nationwide. It's produced at WBEZ Chicago and distributed by Public Radio International.

If you read some of the reviews (all highly rated) on this book ot describes it as not so much a comic book as it is tutorial of sorts on how to put together a radio program.

Here's a few more screenshots as taken from one reveiw at

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Rich Powers supplied a link to This American Life website right at the beginning of the thread, and I found a longer way to get there that passes some interesting other destinations on the way there:

This American Life is listed under podcasts/documentary

At This American Life website under Podcasts it says the current podcast can be downloaded for free from the home page, but for some reason I can't find the download. I'll check everyday until I eventually spot it.

Carl Blare

Carl, go to their homepage:

Carl, go to their homepage: - You'll see three large displays of episodes "Last Week" "This Week" "Next Week".. Click the "Last Week" it will slide open and give you the option to play, download, or share.. Click download.

Any other past episodes you can stream for free.

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

I like it!

What great art work!



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