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GCC Radio Update : New Update For 2017

Happy New Year!  

GCC Radio Update : New Part 15 Frequencies and Sound Wire Intranet Radio

GCC Radio has added a new update to the list of part 15 AM and FM frequencies.   The information that was from 2012 is completely out of date due to the updated frequency changes.    Part 15 is supposed to be for experimental radio transmissions, these stations receive no income for airtime.   Sometimes not all stations are on the air for particular reasons such as power supply issues, programmming not available, and technical difficulties.  Also some stations are shut off because to keep the spectrum free and Sound Wire WiFi Intranet Radio is used for space preservation.

New Frequency Change : 92.5 FM to 95.3 FM

Yesterday there was a change from 92.5 FM to 95.3 FM. Why?   Because there is going to be a new translator that is under construction that will sign on any day now. It's one of those spanish stations that is part of the AM translator program on AM 1600.  So I had to pack up and move to 95.3 FM.   

The AM station for this part 15 station still remains on 540 AM, but the FM frequency had to switch from 92.5 FM to 95.3 FM.   After this, if there are no more FM stations the AM station will be the only thing that will be available.   

New Frequency Change : From 96.9 FM to 103.3 FM

96.9 FM is no longer available anymore since it has been assigned to a AMer that wants to be an FMer that is based in Suffolk, Virginia, but the signal however is weaker than the local radio stations, but's listenable.   It has a been a great 5 years of part 15 broadcasting on the former frequency of 96.9 FM, and it was great entertainment, but now I had to move because of this FM translator that signed on.     Radio Locator needs to start updating their Vacant FM listings and remove 96.9 FM off their list.  

94.5 FM and 175 LW - The Basement

There is a new radio station that signed on this June, and it's another part 15 radio station that does something different, the station broadcasts pirate radio broadcasts (if they are clean), and also other broadcasts about the short wave and radio hobby.


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