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AM Broadcast Journey - The Seed - Starting to Grow

Every want-to-be microbroadcaster is going to run into the same inevitable needs, questions and shopping list for pieces.

Arguably, aside from the content itself, the most important needs are a transmitter, an antenna and place to effectively mount the equipment.

I settled on the Talking House V transmitter solely because it is widely available and affordable. At $99 + shipping for a new unit or half that if you watch for used units (Ebay, Craigslist, etc.), it makes the daydream of broadcasting a cheap thing most of us can actually do.

Talking House AM Broadcast Journey - The Start

Thought I'd use the blog function here to post about my ongoing effort to get a Talking House V AM transmitter optimized and on the air.

First, the background:

Web radio is wonderful, but rather tedious to tune into. Requires internet access, requires a device with working sound and requires a way to find the programming. There are other needs and cost therein which make the net experience not so optimal and rather expensive, especially in light of what cellular phone companies charge for data plans and inability for most to afford to radio over such.