Cannot Log Out

To the Admin and Moderators behind the curtain, I no longer find a "Log Out" choice.

Have I been "Logged In" for all eternity?

Is it "house arrest"?


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'you may check out anytime you like..... but you may never leave' Sorry Carl, I am working on a new and fresh look for Part15 and the 'logout' button got moved. It should be back now. PS below is a screen shot of what is coming, let me know what you think?

-- Haro Street Media Inc.

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The new look is very elegant.

It has the right impression of having arrived at a professional destination.

Now I must ask, where is my desk?

Carl Blare

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Carl's plight reminds me of the sad situation of Charlie on the MTA.


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It wasn't as bad for me as it was for Charlie, but I was only able to return by walking all the way back.

But beware...... you may be logged in at this moment and just not realize until you can't return.

People you know may be logged in and you may not be able to get them out.

People in the east right now are being seriously logged in by the weather.

Carl Blare

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After 40+ years, Charlie is a bit tired of the ride...and REALLY getting tired of those sandwiches his wife has been making for him.....