Negativity (and Anger) In Part 15

I see it a lot on  As well as here.

It seems that someone is always perpetually angry and railing against individuals or something in the world of radio, and Part 15 in particular.

Whether it's corporate radio, the greedy licensing bodies, the NAB, the Part 15 rules, FM trolls. supposed 'pirates' or even 'saving radio', the results are the same.  There's always something wrong.

And you know what?  There is.  Always.  It's that way everywhere and in anything.

But all this negativity takes away from why we do what we do in the field of unlicensed broadcasting.  It drags everyone down.  And it doesn't accomplish anything.

I'd like to see this Forum (and others) get back to basics.  Talking about the theory and practice of Part 15 radio.  Because at the end of the day you can't control what's going on around you.  You can only control what YOU do.

I plan on doing what I'm doing until, well, I can't.  Until that time, from this point on, I'm not going to worry about anything else.

Know Where You're Coming From

Your point is an important one, Artisan, and something to seriously think about.

While I was in commercial business and participated in a lot of corporate meetings I developed a simple rule of thumb... maybe I learned it from somewhere else, I don't remember,... but I only presented a problem to the meeting under two conditions:

1.)  If I could propose a solution to the problem;

2.)  If I genuinely believed that other members of the committee could provide a solution.

If it was a problem that we could not solve, I kept it to myself.

Carl Blare


Agreed that negativity is seldom productive and is often boring reading.

I am having fun with the hobby and it suites my purposes and the more folks who feel this way then the better.

If someone interested in the hobby comes new to this site how does it look when their first post triggers a discussion of the pitfalls, legalities, gripes about limited range, etc.?  We have a chance to encourage them but the opposite often happens.  It takes quite a while and a lot of reading to gain the knowledge possessed by most of our long time members and it can be overwhelming to dump all this on a newcomer in one thread. When I was a kid I worked in a retail bicycle and hobby shop and learned to view our store through the eyes of the customer.  This has always been a good lesson.



Exactly Neil.  It's amazing

Exactly Neil.  It's amazing how attitudes can change when you look at the world through the eyes of someone else.

And Carl, I agree.  That's a good philosophy to live by, no matter where you are.

I'm certainly not saying that people shouldn't attempt to change things that they find wanting.  But often, they start along that path in anger, because THEY can't do what they want to do.  It could be getting the range that they want on Part 15 FM, or playing the music that they want because of the cost of licensing - any number of things.

You're certainly not going to get want you want by being angry, insulting others who may (or may not, you don't know) think the way you do, and generally carrying on as if the entire world revolves around YOUR particular needs.

I think we need to focus on what we CAN do, rather than what we can't.  If you can't get the range you want on FM, then go with an AM station (or a bunch of them).  And if you can't afford to license the music you want to play, then why not go outside your comfort zone and find some that you can play.  You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find - there is lots out there, even in the U.S. (particularly if you're just considering over-the-air) - and learn something in the process.  I know, everyone thinks that what they want to play is unique, when in reality it's what THEY like.

Part 15 broadcasting does have advantages.  Licensed radio stations pay a lot of money to broadcast - Part 15 is free.  Licensed radio stations are highly regulated.  Part 15 stations are not, and I have not heard any clamoring that they should be.  In many ways, we're lucky to be able to do what we can, with limited interference from anybody.

So, if you don't see me popping up in discussions about the stupidity of the FCC 126Mhz repack, or the greediness of copyright holders, you'll know why.  I intend, moving forward, to do the best job I can with what I can control (while remaining legal).  I want to enjoy what I'm doing, and not get bogged down with anything that will distract from that.

Pardon me but a lot of the

Pardon me but a lot of the negativity seems to be coming from here.  A lot of angry people post on this site--which I find both sad and scary.

Also, as you've noticed, not everyone who does Part 15 broadcasting, does it for the same reasons.  Some are tinkerers and homebrew types.  Others, like myself, are not interested in building their own gear but would rather get the most they can out of the FCC-approved transmitters they have.  Some are hobbyists and some really want to build a community station and/or a small business.

As a result, you are going to have topics that, while broadcasting related, will run the gamut.  Some may even be broadcast business-related.  I don't think those topics should be barred from a Part 15 forum simply because they aren't specific to the theory and practice of Part 15 radio.

It's too bad, there is no forum for those who are interested in building and operating community Part 15 stations. Had I the time to do it, I would build such a forum because I think there is interest from among some Part 15 broadcasters for it.  But, so far, this site and HB are the only game in town as far as I know.

Who Started What

Carmine5 said: "Pardon me but a lot of the negativity seems to be coming from here."

That in itself is a negative judgmental remark.

Carl Blare

Carl wrote:

Carl wrote:

Carmine5 said: "Pardon me but a lot of the negativity seems to be coming from here."

That in itself is a negative judgmental remark.

Unfortunately, this just proves my point about this site.

As far as I am concerned,

As far as I am concerned, both sites are equally guilty at times of being far too negative.  I would also include in there some professional broadcasting sites that I frequent.

This blog entry was not meant to generate a discussion of who is more negative and why.  It was an attempt to get people to think more positively and move forward in the hobby (in all the multitude of topics that are of interest), rather than backwards, or at best, sideways.

Please refrain from attacking specific sites (or individuals).

In Praise of Part 15 (dot) US

As public forums go, this website here at part15 (dot) us, has for years been mainly polite, informative, helpful, and respectful among its members.

Compared to most other public forum and blog sites of all kinds this one is unusual for its good manners.

Across the web it's "business as usual" to get posts containing strings of vulgar, obscene epithets, including an ocassional death threat.

It seems that the freedom of the keyboard brings out the beast in many contributors, perhaps comparable to intolerant behavior by drivers on the roadways.

Frankly, I would trust any of our part 15 radio people with keys to the house while I'm out of town on vacation.

Even the agitators who come here take the trouble to dress things up by pretending to be helpful, and sometimes they actually are helpful.

I'll leave my wallet right here and I'm sure it will still be here when I come back.

Carl Blare

I'm late but....

My 2 cents on negativity.....for everyone that complains about translators and over crowding the FM more space because all the AM stations want out and go to FM.....look at the positive.....I've seen post after post that there should be a band for us hobby broadcasters....well you got it! It's right there in front of you....unofficially! An almost empty AM band! As Artisan says, look on the bright side. I'm in Toronto Canada and I'm on FM and yes, here we have a little more range but if a station goes on to 90.7 I will be hard pressed to find another spot unless I move! But I won't give up this'll just go on to AM and take advantage of the band opened up to us. It's not my preference,  it's a more complicated set up, probably won't get listeners because of the problems with AM reception(except me), the Procaster which is certified for Canada costs $700... BUT... I will still be in busness. I'll do it the way I am now till I can't, then take advantage of an empty AM band! I will think positive.

So think....all the stations moving to FM from AM....more for us.




Here is what upsets me about

Here is what upsets me about AM and most don't get it. I live in an apartment or 4 plex. I did get the Landlord to allow me to put up my wire antenna and she got her assistant Robert to help put the antenna up so that I could get away with it. The antenna CANNOT BE SEEN BY ANYONE in order to have it up.


While doing this I was told that I could not have the antenna anywhere near metal or it would de tune the antenna. I was told this by someone who fixes and builds these transmitters. I even was supplied with a piece of string to tie the wire to something so that it didn't touch the metal. The Landlord's assistant said “That wire is isolated and it won't hurt that wire to touch the gutter or loop at the top of it. Sad to say now I have a useless outdoor antenna now because I bet I can't tune to it unless I get a modified ATU that will allow me to tune up to ANY ANTENNA LENGTH even though the antenna is isolated and is not past 10 foot. Like I said it makes AM useless for apartment dwellers unless you go carrier current. Having poor eyesight an AM Transmitter don't mix. FM is easy run a 5 Ft piece of wire or metal and your good. At least for 100.1 FM.


Now with my poor eyesight I am not about to try and home brew a coupler due to the safety issues. I don't know why the makers of the Talking House AM Transmitter didn't come up with a simple carrier current box that connected to the 75 Ohm output of the transmitter and then plug into the straight 110 outlet. The box could have been a 5 Watt linear/coupler combo with a built in 110 plug in which you plug into the wall and fire away. 5 Watts in carrier current would get me 2-3 miles.


This is why I started the Initiative months ago. Not to be negative, but to help apartment dwellers who are limited due to their lease agreement. FM can be set up easily (even with a TV/FM antenna combo. One can even cut a TV antenna so that it will work on FM and get away with it. If your Landlord left an old TV antenna with a 75 Ohm coax your good to go. Some TV antennas you cut a few tabs and boom instant FM beam.


Now you know why I'm pro FM because unless otherwise some mysterious technology for AM comes out where I can run an inside antenna and get the same 2-3 miles (even a mile would be better than 300 Feet) is a worthless piece of garbage. At least Berry's AM Transmitter does better than mine does right now.

Progressive Rock (Album Rock, Deep Tracks), Classic Rock

More Power for Hobby Broadcasters

But all this negativity takes

But all this negativity takes away from why we do what we do in the field of unlicensed broadcasting.  It drags everyone down.  And it doesn't accomplish anything.



If someone interested in the hobby comes new to this site how does it look when their first post triggers a discussion of the pitfalls, legalities, gripes... We have a chance to encourage them but the opposite often happens.

 Ditto again

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Reply to #10

@thelegacy.....Carl Blare I believe has an indoor set up with the antenna set up around a window as I've read in some past posts?




Thelegacy, I think a lot 'get

Thelegacy, I think a lot 'get it'.

Most of us here at one time or another have operated at an antenna-restricted site.  I'm in one now.

I think that's what makes this hobby interesting.  To get the most out of what you have, no matter where you live.

I'm still experimenting with a T-antenna (really just a vertical with a capacitive hat of two spokes) made out of copper pipe and installed in front of a window - the biggest issue is to hide it from casual passers by (I've enclosed it in white PVC pipe).  I plan on reporting my findings on the Forum once testing is complete.

Do I miss when I had a house and a Rangemaster outside, with over a mile range on AM1650?  Of course.  Do I miss it when I was on Bowen Island, and had an FM transmitter installed on a roof at the very top of a hill with line of sight to all my target audience.  Sure I do.  But I chose to move to where I am now.  I knew the rules when I made all the decisions (or in some cases they were made for me).  It's all on me, and no one else.

Think of it as a challenge, rather than a hardship.

And remember, other people (such as licensed broadcasters) are thinking of their own interests, just as you think of yours.  If you are going to get agreement to get something changed (and that IS a positive), you have to consider not only what you want, but what they want as well.

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