Artisan Radio is Returning

... for the winter, while I'm at my home base. A little smaller in scope (mostly vintage jazz, 50's & 60's & Old Time Radio). I've grown used to listening to my own station, and after attempting to find something else in the licensed world that will compare, I've given up.

I'm now in the process of setting up my automation computer - shortly after Artisan Radio went off the air prior to my recent RV trip, the that computer went phfffft! How's that for timing?

So, the Best Music That You've Probably Never Heard will be back shortly.


Always good to hear a station return to air!

The people in Casper sure are excited their KMLD is back. Good radio is dearly missed when gone even for a short time.

But over 1 year is WAY too long. But that is now remedied. :)


Welcome Home

The RV trip is a story I hope you tell, and home is the best place to arrive after any trip.

The life story of your computer is another interesting one.

If you happen to be around after the ALPB Meeting maybe we can have a quick conversation for the Low Power Hour.

Carl Blare

Sounds good Carl.

Sounds good Carl.

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